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Best soap I've used
"Absolutely love the reserve base. Nothing else I've used can compare to the slickness and post shave feel. The lavender scent is incredible. Nice and strong and last throughout the shave. "
Blake B.
Hallows EDT is a must have.....
"I have had a Hallows set for almost 2 years now so when I saw the return with the EDT I was excited to get my hands on it. Love it. It is a great addition to my BM lot!"
Erik R.
"If you were a fan of Roam, you may really adore this one. And I cringe to write these words because doing so seals this soaps fate. While this one is not the same as Roam, I’d call it a kissing cousin to my mom st beloved shave soap (B&M or otherwise). In addition to having similar traits, Nocturne has the same soap base.....the good one. The so called “premium” bases are good but much harder to lather and a step down from this soap base. Add in the fact that I consider this scent to be a relative to Roam and it’s dead on arrival. Get it now before it’s gone for good. "
Dan J.
"Lathers very well, smells great; nothing short of fantastic from this company"
Earthy Citrus Delight
"The predictably good skin-nourishing qualities of all B&M aftershaves, this time in a citrus-and-patchouli scent. "
Martin M.
Not just a pretty jar
"The aftershave is a faithful representation of the lathered soap and the scent sticks around for a long time. It's top tier and tied with 42 for my favorite scents from B&M (although two very different scents). As always the customer service was top notch and I can't recommend them enough!"
Jason R.
Looks Great!
"A beautiful tumbler, the words on it are very crisply etched. It was shipped quickly and professionally, and came with a sample of Waves, which I am loving."
Corey B.
Dark Joy
"The weather has turned in the Northeast, and the mornings are now dark and chilly. It's a little bit of a burden to get out of bed, but a warm shower feels good. Upon exiting the shower, I unscrew my new jar of B&M Hallows and the scent hits me. The earthy tones of leaves and moss on the ground, the slight bite of a chill in the air, and the warmth of cocoa escape the jar. I load my brush and transfer to my bowl, and as the lather builds, the scents really jump. It's as if the smells of a Halloween evening as a kid have entered my bathroom, and the smell is comforting. Applying the lather and shaving, I experience a slick and moisturizing shave. As the blade cuts, my face is left smooth and soft. And, more importantly, this feeling lasts through the day. The smell lingers - not overpowering, but there. During the day, I will catch a drift of that dark and alluring scent, and with it the same comfort I had in the morning. A truly unique and artistic soap. Like I imagine most of you do, I've enjoy my morning DE shave. B&M's Hallows soap has added a very nice seasonal touch to this joy."
Jason Ernest
"Love the scent. Great lather."
Ties it all together
"The EdT is the perfect tie in for the rest of the Hallows set. The scent projects the perfect distance (no more than two sprays though) and lasts a full 8 hours for me. I love it!"
"This is a must have fall soap. The Glissant base is great and the scent is the perfect compliment to the changing weather. It’s a great dark and deep chocolate and it justcant be beat!"
"Hallows aftershave is wonderful! Performance is on par (as always) and the smell is this wonderful dark, dank chocolate. Gah! I love it!"
Jim A.
Love it!
"I love this stuff. You cant lose with a B&M soap, i love that they use diff themes and daring scents. Hallows and nocturne are absolutely bueatiful, cant wait to see what they make next! "
luke j.
HALLOWS home run
"I didn't realize this had such a cult following when I pre-ordered - I just thought it sounded cool. It's great. Great scent for the season and great performance as per usual with B&M. It's all I've been shaving with since I got it!"
Philip S.
"Amazing. Good sting and leaves face soft and moisturized. The smell is so good, slightly sweet and dirty. I recommend the edt to go with it. "
Jason W.
Amazing scent
"Love the scent. It's definitely dark and musky, but the chocolate balances it out. Perfect for Fall, but I see myself using this year round."
Jake T.
Nice fall fragrance
"Moss , oak , coco, the hint of smoke is the touch I get in the background ! I got all three! Love them all! "
Richard P.
"Scent is perfect, my new go to. Barrister and Mann did it again!!!"
Michael H.
Excellent Edt to match an already exquisite soap/AS
"Wonderful scent. If you're not familiar with Hallows, make sure to snatch one before they run out. Longevity of scent, particularly for an Edt, is superb (i.e., 6 to 8 hrs). Can't go wrong with this. No need to go spray more than 2-3x. "
Elias D.
"I have been a huge fan of this scent since it first came out several years ago. I missed the very first release, but have got it every year since. I was so excited that the EdT was released. This is one of my favorite B&M scents along with First Snow. "
Paul B.
Excellent Product and Customer Service
"I ordered a sample set of three soaps and was also sent the matching aftershave samples for free and a sample of a soon-to-be released soap sample. The soaps and scents are very nice, and lather into a foam rather quickly. My personal favorites were "Cool" and "Waves", but I have learned that these kind of things are very subjective so you will have to try them yourselves. I will add that the samples have lasted more than 10 shaves each so far. A personal note from the packer is a nice touch."
Sanderson T.
"I have been collecting various Barrister and Mann soaps because they have stellar performance as far as slickness and cushion. The scents are often interesting even if I don't like some of them. I have heard various things about the hallows scent and was a bit skeptical about this one but to my surprise I absolutely love this scent. It is my favorite so far of my collection of Barrister and Mann. As soon as I took the first few smells of it I immediately ordered more with the aftershave. I find this to be a very nice winter scent. I'm not so good at describing scents but I think it smells chocolaty and earthy/woody. Its dark but kinda sweet and has me wanting to taste the lather while using it haha. Really good job Barrister and Mann!"
Quentin J.
Near the campfire
"Hallows is great in late fall. You have a comforting aftershave with the lingering scent of a campfire. "
Michael S.
"My second purchase and I went after this one due to the hype and limited release, not really knowing what to expect. When I say this scent smells like a graveyard, I mean that in the nicest way possible. Earthy and musky, it certainly doesn't smell the same as fresh, fruity, or vibrant ones do. My first use took me by complete surprise and I wasnt sure I liked it. I have been using it regularly and really enjoy it. No complaints from my wife so there is that as well. Lather is excellent. Tin and packaging were up to par as well. Worth the hype for sure."
Scott C.
Nothing but love
"Love this company. I only bought this because I had a regretful purchase that I wanted to cancel...Will personally took care of my order and was awesome. Also got a free sample of Reserves Waves, it was my first use of reserves and I will def be purchasing in the future!"
Cory M.
Nice, earthy scent
"I recently bought the Hallows scent from Barrister & Mann. The sample soap was out of stock at the time, so I purchased it on faith. The scent is hard to describe, but to me, it smells earthy. There’s also a faint scent of cocoa if I’m not mistaken. I like that the scent isn’t strong, but more subtle. It’s a nice change from the other soaps in my den. And of course, it has the great slickness and cushion other B&M soaps have. I’m happy I bought the soap. "
Geoff S.
Hollowing first impression
"Hollows is an amazing soap! The scent at first to my nose reminded me of British Stirling. Great customer service and my order came in a timely fashion I wish I could say that for other vendors I have ordered from. "
Jonathan Z.
Great soap, interesting scent
"Soap lathers great and has good post shave feel. In terms of the scent it's a woodsy and chocolatly. I felt it was too strong for my liking at first but after using a few times it's growing on me and the scent. The scent is also much lighter and complex once lathered. "
Joel J.
"This is amazing. Got this as a gift for my fiance, love it! Smokey, leathery, woody. Almosy reminds me a bon fire in fall. Definitely recommend!!!"
A Classic!
"LOVE this Scent! So sad it’s going away for good, whatever replaces it will have some big shoes to fill. I also wish the EdT was still available. Oh well, I’ll have to enjoy what I have while I can!"
Hunter H.

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