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"I love the performance and the scent. Is quickly becoming my daily driver."
Spencer S.
"Recently I made a purchase of bunch of Barrister and Mann soaps and aftershaves and their quality performance and scents are simply amazing. Shippping packaging is absolutely superb. And of course I have tip my hat to these guys for acknowledging first responders and military service members for offering a discount. Cannot do a better job."
Aleksandr K.
"You could try a lot of artisan shaving products, but always know Barrister & Mann are the top of the line, that kind of sums it up."
Paul A.
"This soap has it all, slick, non facial reactions to the soap, and a glorious barbershop sent!"
David B.
"I love basically everything I have purchased!"
Valerie P.
Briemir R.
"Easy to use, clean layout, and most importantly bug free."
Daniel P.
Briemir R.
"Seriously, not a single bad product from them ever. Really into the Reserve an Latha lines at the moment."
Michael B.
"Great products. This is one of the best subs over. Love the Kraken and the lather series. Just bought a tub of Taiga for my top winter soap. The lather on the PNM soaps lathers easily it's slick and the great Pochet feel."
Michael E.
"Amazing in every way."
Marcos m.
"Everything is laid out logically and easy to find. Can't really ask for much more"
Eric G.
"I purchased B&M Seville in both the soap and the matching aftershave. This is actually my second purchase of the Seville scented soap in just a couple of months. I bought a second tub because I really like the overall performance and this particular scent. I also wanted to try the matching aftershave. Seville is by far may favorite B&M scent. I currently own Seville, LavanilIe and La Grand Chypre. I also have all three of the other B&M soaps and matching aftershaves in the Reserve line. I typically prefer strong scented soaps in the 8-10 range. I would say that the B&M soaps I have tried all seem to fall into the 5-7 range on scent strength, so if you prefer a lighter scented soap, B&M soaps are probably a great fit. I would recommend Seville shaving soap to anyone that is looking for a fresh, clean, slightly citrus, “barbershop” scent that is slick, with great cushion, and a scent that fades into the background within minutes of the shave. Packaging was top notch and the inventive and artistic product labels are very unique. If I were going to pick a soap out of my collection that would be the most universally accepted by men and women alike, it would probably be Seville."
Ramon N.
"I gave the Petrichor shave soap and Reserve classic aftershave splash a try. Loved the fragrances, super glide to the soap, and the splash leaves the skin feeling great. A must try brand. Great customer service as well."
Peter G.
"I'm loving this 'bundle' option that I first noticed with (I think) 42. Site still serves it's purpose of letting you buy things but the bundles are next level purchasing power."
Nicholas F.
"All Barrister and Mann products are excellent in my opinion: scents, packaging, and service."
Waite, G.
"I've found the B&M site to be very easy to use. And if I ever needed a question answered from the site, it was responded to quickly. Great site. Great products. Great service."
Kirk R.
"If you haven't tried B&M yet you owe it to yourself to try it. They have the best scents and performance. It is absolutely worth it!!!"
Cody C.
"I purchased the adagio shave soap as well as the matching aftershave and I love the scent. Has a nice scent that echoes sun filled days of summer walking through a landscape filled with green notes of goodness. Not overpowering but just enough that it's pleasant to the senses. The order came with a small free sample of another aftershave which was nice and did I mention the quick delivery. Great service and will definitely come back. Highly recommend."
Frank G.
"Good menthol shaving soap and after shave; smell is great and not "medicine like" Can't wait to try it as temps go into the 90s this week!"
Tom P.
"Legendary performance that you've come to expect from B&M with a scent perfect for summer. Love it!"
Maurice H.
"B&M knocked it out of the park with this one. Performance is top tier and scent is complex and refreshing, as you’ve come to expect from B&M."
Maurice H.
"I have to admit, I was put off by their stuff at first, mainly due to the descriptions not really translating to scent for me. But a small sample of ROAM drug me and and I haven't looked back since! The higher prices were unexpected, but I fully understand how B&M can command such a premium now having 5 of scents. The soap performance, scent strength, longevity, shave feel, and post shave are all of the highest quality! Will my friend, you have an incredible talent!"
"Everything was great!!"
Thomas M.
"Wonderfully revamped."
Doug L.
"You are a class act all the way around."
Doug L.
"I love B&M products! Always great service too. Bravo!"
Peter j.
"this is the first soap that i have purchased, as i started down the road of wet shaving and i love it!!"
Kyan L.
"Will makes no mistakes, and this continues that tradition"
Joe S.
"When you purchase a Barrister and Mann product, you can rest sssured that you are buying some of the best out there."
Paul P.

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