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"I've used all types of aftershaves from gels, lotions, balms, and splashes. This aftershave has everything you look for. Very mild sting of alcohol then your face absorbs all the healing and calming goodness! Plus it's B&M so you already know it's going to smell amazing! Great product and will continue to buy and use as my main aftershave!"
Cody C.
"I never thought wet shaving was for me until I saw a review from Nick Shaves on YouTube. Insert Barrister And Mann. The soaps are amazing and the new after shaves have that perfect masculine feel/smell to them. Very happy with all of my purchases so far.."
Patrick H.
"I've been very impressed with my bottle of Reserve: Cool. The scent is a terrific homage to the legendary Floid Blue, but the star here is the allantoin and other botanicals. I typically follow an alcohol-based splash with a balm, but that's not necessary with Barrister's Reserve because the moisturizing effect of the splash is truly something that has to be experienced to be believed. Money well spent!"
Jason M.
"Fantastic! Very long lasting scent, too."
Andrew S.
"So ordered all three scents because, well, why not. The consistency of B&M's products over the past few years is unmatched and these are no exception. The fragrances are classic and lasting. Great tributes to shavers past. They feel light and clean on the face and leave it he skin feeling fresh and nourished. I'm excited to see what fragrances appear next. Definitely worth picking up if you are into classic men's grooming scents."
"I have used B-M Reserve Cool about ten times now, and it really makes a difference. I have yet to offer any irritation to it that it could not cool off and soothe very quickly. The soothing feeling lasts all day, but the scent is subtle and meant to not conflict with whatever cologne I'm wearing. I love the packaging, too - the bottles and labels are top notch quality to match the contents. I highly recommend this one!"
Paul T.

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