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"The soaps smell delicious, perform amazingly, and the best service out there. There's a reason why I'm almost 100% loyal to this brand."
Austin M.
"Nothing heralds in the autumn like apple picking season up here in New England, and Nocturne captures it beautifully."
Michael H.
"The scent of leviathan is one of my favorite fall scents. it’s one of two soaps that I have purchase multiple times."
Matthew M.
"Always amazed with B & M . Never had a bad shave always bbs. Love Nocturne never have been back east in autumn. With this soap though. I took a little trip and I loved it. Superb lather excellent glide intoxicating scent. Great job as always"
David M.
"This company and it's products are excellent. Quick, affordable shipping prices, exceptional soaps, with interesting scents at market prices. What more can you ask for?"
Jason E.
"Love the soaps . Very slick and great fragrance !"
Steve C.
"Never had a bad experience. Will ships quickly and continues to roll out products that perform."
Thomas D.
"This was the first time Ive ever used and ordered products from Barrister and Mann and all my expectations were surpassed. The shipment was extremely quick and the Nocturne soap and aftershave smell so great and perfrom extremely well. I will be ordering more stuff in the future."
Devon B.
Justin S.
"The perfect fall scent that evokes the Smokey scent of fires for warmth and the sweet smell of apples and fall leaves. Feel awesome on the face smells awesome and performs like a champ."
Rodrick G.
"I love the Hallows series, I can't wait for this years delivery. I have a nice little collection of soaps and splashes by Barrister and Mann. Always looking out for new selections."
Alton E.
"B&M is easily my favorite artisan. Will has created some of the best scents in shaving and easily makes the best soaps and aftershaves on the market."
Joey P.
"The best soap I've ever used. The smell lingers just enough to be present but not overpowering. Shave is smooth and forgiving, easy to go WTG and ATG with not burn."
Steven A.
"Love these products. Support allowed me to change my order so I could separate my items. Great!"
Duane B.
"B&M has some of the best scents out there, but even if you don't particularly love a scent anything you choose, you can be assured of the quality. The website is easy to navigate and use and customer service is great!"
Derek H.
"Just a wonderful scent, very pleased with the level of protection this soap provides."
Chad M.
"Over 10 years wet-shaving and I’m so upset with myself that I’m only NOW discovering B&M! Every element of this company is of top quality - not just the products themselves but from the look of the website to the shipping packaging, I’ve never been so impressed (and for just buying some soap!) The scents are simply captivating, the shaving soap is an absolute top performer and post shave feel, the containers are a great quality and size, the little touches of personalization in shipping like thank you emails and knowing the name of who packed your shipment. All above and beyond and makes me want to go through items quicker so I can come back for more! All I ask though is that Fougere Gothique be an available soap and aftershave again!"
Fabian A.
"I ordered a bottle of aftershave to go with some of my soap, shipping was quick, packing was great, and came with free samples. Great value!"
Bradlee Q.
"Hello everyone I ordered a samples of all of the reserve line because I have sensitive skin and Heard so much about it Will from barrister in man had also included some samples of aftershave. So far I have only tried cool and classic with matching aftershaves And so far I am impressed The soap provides a luxurious feel cushion and slickness and the post shave is phenomenal and with the aftershave it’s even better. I am very happy because a finally got the chance to try some of barrister and mans products and hopefully many more to come"
Daniel D.
"I continue to find that all of the B&M soaps, and splashes are of excellent quality. On my wish list would be a reserve unscented."
Marc M.
"Strong citrus scents at the forefront with some spices laying the foundation. A very pleasant, warm smell that has made it to my top 5 rotation. Thanks Will!"
Sam S.
"I have always been happy to purchase and use B&M products."
Marcus D.
"I love every product Barrister and Mann has to offer. All work amazing and the smells of the soaps are unique and wonderful."
Melquisedec U.
"Shipping is quick, customer service is great. I got a same-day personal response about a rewards issue I was having a few weeks ago."
Thomas D.
"Once again Barrister and Mann hits it out of the park! The post-shave of this soap is unlike any other. It's not a scent that I could wear daily, but it is a nice change of pace"
Brian Y.
"Thanks for bringing back the memory of days gone by with “old Spice”"
Thomas U.
"It's not often in today's world that a company catches my attention for providing both outstanding service and wonderful products; usually it's one or the other or neither. Barrister & Mann not only delivers some of the best soaps and scents I've ever used, but their customer service and community involvement are unrivaled. More particularly, on my last order I made an outlandish request and Barrister & Mann went above and beyond my expectations in the kindest way. These practices definitely pay off, and I, for one, plan on using their soaps for the rest of my life."
Andrew S.
"I am incredibly impressed with B&M, I myself have only tried one of their soaps (the reserve cool) and all my expectations have been exceeded. the responsiveness to any questions whatsoever was rather surprisingly good, it is obvious they really care about the experience and satisfaction of the recipient of their products. My order was very nicely packaged, and the product itself in its container I felt to be simply slick and pristine. I expect to make myself a future customer of B&M for many years to come!"
Nathan K.
"I started wet shaving almost a year ago. A couple of sites had a lot of great things to say about barrister and mann. I have tried samples of spice, classic, Seville, cool, and bought Seville, spice, and I just pre ordered hallows. I can’t say enough good about their soaps, aftershaves, and pomades. The soap is very slick, a great cushion, and an amazing scent. Aftershaves are soothing and pair well with the soaps. Plus the offer military discount and I appreciate that! Definitely top of the line and a top contender at a reasonable price."
"Have always been delighted with your shaving soaps and dependable shipping. Have tried many and especially like the Cheshire, the dis continued Vetiver (SP?) and Hallows - which I see is back! Cheers, Brooks"
Brooks J.

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