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"I have experienced nothing but great products and outstanding customer service from Barrister and Mann. The one time (out of many orders) I had a mix-up, it was resolved quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Barrister and Mann to anyone looking for great quality products and an excellent experience."
Chris S.
"As the title says, you make the best products on the market, hands down. My only complaint is with the price. The soaps I can deal with. $18 for a puck of soap that will last four months, providing unparalleled slickness and cushion, easy. I will never stop buying that. But $20 for 3.4 ounces of aftershave?! It’s still the best aftershave that can be bought, but most people can’t afford to drop $20 every three weeks on a luxury item. I’ve purchased your soaps as a gift for several members of my friends and family(always well received), but I can’t bring myself to buy your phenomenal aftershave for them. The triple digit price tag is too intimidating. I understand that fragrance oils, packaging, and R&D are expensive, but this email was designed to improve the company via consumer feedback. Find a way to produce your amazing aftershave at a much lower cost."
Tye J.
"This is a top notch fragrance and wet shaving supply company."
Adam V.
"Man this stuff is simply some of the best stuff on the market"
Benjamin A.
"At the age of 60, I was introduced to aftershave through a B - M sample kit. I am shocked that I was never before introduced to this simple luxury. Excellent B - M shaving soap forming a dense perfect foam and the classic smell from my childhood of Cool aftershave. Excellent."
Julian T.
"Will and family, are the best. Products are the best out there!"
Michael F.
"Reasonable processing times and great packaging. No question that the contents would be free from damage. Got a nice little surprise sample of Fougere Gothique with my order. Quite pleased."
Yosef A.
"Great customer service with a top notch product. You can't beat that."
Benjamin A.
"We all have our idea of luxury. But, how many of them are affordable? For me, that list is short and B&M is at the very top. The performance is supreme, just watch practically any reviewer online, but EVERYTHING about this brand feeds into the idea of luxury. The packaging is superior, the scent design and actual quality are without peer, and the imagery created with each scent is masterful. When you buy from Barrister and Mann, you are truly buying from artists at the pinnacle of their chosen craft. You cant make a better choice in the Wet Shaving world!"
Benjamin S.
"If you have not tried anything from this company yet you are missing out. Amazing products, fast shipping and wonderful customer service. My wife LOVES the fragrance Romance in Middlesex county and I have nearly every shave soap and aftershave they make because I have yet to find one I don’t like. Recommend to anyone looking for high quality shaving products!"
Chad P.
"I love it"
Matthew S.
"B&M is always dependable - great performance, packaging and interesting scents running the gamut from mild to wild."
Michael H.
"This is a fine soap with a wonderful scent. The great cushion and slickness of this soap is characteristically, Barrister and Mann!"
Michael H.
"I greatly enjoy the quality of the products. It's obvious that it's a priority, as is the care taken in customer service. I have been very impressed with all of my experiences with Barrister and Mann."
Trent I.
"OMG WHAT A SCENT!!! When I received a sample of this I could not keep my nose out of it. This is a beautiful smooth Rich lavender. It doesn’t bring out the spicy side of lavender too much which I’m not a fan of. Since strength is at least medium or medium plus. The matching aftershave is not only incredibly healing without any stickiness, but matches the scent of this soap perfectly. This is my second barristers reserve product, I’ve been using the spice for a few months now. Elite level slickness cushion, and the post shave is the best on the market. My skin feels fully hydrated and soothed after every shave. This is one of those soaps where you barely feel the razor gliding across your face. It’s as if the razor is on rollerskates. If you’re at all a fan of lavender I can’t recommend this enough. If not definitely pick up one of the other barristers reserve products, both the soaps and the aftershaves are the best around."
Martin C.
"I love this soap and splash combination. Smells amazing! Hopefully more fruit scented stuff comes out in the future since I’m a fan of fruit scented soaps and splashes. Shipped quick and packaged nicely like always. God bless Will and his family. Amazing individuals who’s customer service is top notch. Always get some delicious candy with your orders. What more can you ask for?"
Frank G.
"B&M produces a soap that is so good (its Reserve soap) that it should ditch all its others and do all its scents using it. Scents have been hit (Reserve Spice, the Fougères, Seville etc.) or miss (Lavanille, 42) but that is how it goes. My Lavanille and 42 sets were quickly snapped up on a shavers trading board. Now if we could have Seville or Fougère Gothique in Reserve base, I’d be stocking up."
Steve G.
"Absolutely love every product i've gotten from soaps to splashes to scents! Will is absolutely great and can't wait till I need some more shaving products."
Patrick R.
"I have had nothing but top-notch service from Barrister and Mann and thoroughly enjoy their products. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great shaving and customer service experience!"
Chris S.
"Purchasing from B&M was a great experience. The shipping was quick, the site was easy to navigate on mobile, and after using the products I think I may have a single purveyor of shaving soaps from here on."
Gabriel T.
"This is hands down the best soap base I ever used. Beautiful smell and protective lather. Super slick, absolutely awesome post shave feel.. Presentation is just the best I've seen so far.. B&M screams quality in every product."
Juan M.
"Hey! I'm a big fan of you, Will. I've been frequently lurking Reddit for quite some time. Le Grand Chypre was my first dip of the feet into single blade shaving and it absolutely blew my mind with it's complex scent and slick protective lather, and I use it to shave my head, ATG and all. Ever since then I've gotten pretty much every other soap you make. And when my gf gifted me 42, she told me you emqiled her and my respect for you grew with that. So thank you, for being the incredibly aromatic and slick introduction into single blade shaving, for your attentiveness, and thanks for all fish. I am looking forward to all of your seasonals!"
Mohanad E.
"Better than all the other pretenders."
Greg S.
"Will’s soaps are like Pokémon. Gotta catch em all. All his bases have good slickness, protection and concentrated thirst. Skin moisturization varies from base to base, with Barrister’s Reserve being tops in all categories for me. Reserve Spice is an all time top 5. There are a few love it or hate it scents in there. Dirty petunia scented 42 is loved by many but a total miss for me. Of the original Reserve scents, only Spice does it for me. But in Glissant and Latha there are so many greats you just can’t go wrong. Will uses customer feedback email to give personal service."
Steve G.
"This is now my companion’s primary choice of cologne. It has a wonderful, complex aura which evolves and changes over the day, deepening in richness. We both love this scent, please continue to make it available!"
Elizabeth L.
"Great soaps, and fast service"
Choon L.
Stephen m.
"I've never had anything but excellent service from B&M. Whether dealing directly with Will or an employee,the service and products are second to none."
George C.
"Barrister and Mann rocks! I'm new to this type of shaving.. and I'll NEVER go back! I can't wait to shave everyday. Easy online ordering (with best pricing!). Order tracking. What are you waiting for? I do have one regret--almost 40 years of shaving without Barrister and Mann."
Steve W.
"Soap lathers wonderfully, and the scent lingers lovingly. Customer service, packaging, delivery, and user experience was expedient and efficient. A pleasure!"
Thomas D.

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