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"Will and Barrister and Mann set the top standard of what an artisan shaving soap maker should be. The best products, great packaging, and customer service that handles issues within hours."
Joseph P.
"wesbite: I liked how the corresponding aftershave/soap would appear when viewing, say, the Russe (smells v good btw). My only suggestion w/r/t website is to make the notes more apparent. So if the notes aren't going to be listed under the name of the soap when viewing all of the soaps, at least make them bolded or something when viewing a soap in particular. This would have made my experience of comparing the soaps/aftershaves better. customer service: haven't interfaced w them but shipping is super prompt and fast. I appreciate the reserve aftershave samples. as a prospective law student, nice to know (also kinda mortified but w/e) that in the midst of law school I can actually have a hobby and, better yet, make it a business; I've always wanted to make artisan pillow sheets, 5 count thread. products: Got the Russe aftershave and soap. This is my first shaving soap so I can't say much other than it seems to work well. As far as the scent goes, I do like it, especially how it dries down. As a 24 yr old I do feel like its a bit of a 30+ dude who ISN'T going through a midlife crisis sort of smell — I think of daniel day lewis in Phantom Thread. tho not bad for someone who spends most of their time in the stacks. Also I have to say the packaging/label for the soaps are very well done. I've only tried the Cool and Spice from the sample pack I received and I have to say I thought both of them (scent wise) were terrible. It seems that they hit u with one specific smell, so if you really like astringent blue mouthwash, then Cool is your thing."
Raymond K.
"I had been using shaving brush products which I found at big chain drug stores and beauty product establishments for several years. I discovered Barrister & Mann recently and have been using the Seville line exclusively. Your products are superior in every way to my previous experiences and have made the shaving ritual much more enjoyable. I appreciate the attention to detail in the packaging and the personal touch in every delivery."
Richard C.
"Fougere Gothique"
Elizabeth L.
"Everything about this company is top notch! From the customer service to soap and aftershave! I do wish thee was a EDT for Chesire!"
Eric B.
"As I have been wet-shaving since the mid 80's, I can say I have tried most every shave soap out there. Without reservation I admit now that Barrister and Mann is one of my top favorite brands. The majority of the soaps offered are tallow-based (my preference) and the lather produced has exceptional face-feel and glide. I have close to 30 different B&M shave soaps scents in my den, including some that are no longer offered. In addition, I have a few back-ups of some of these soaps and about 12 different aftershaves. As such, one can say I think rather highly of this brand. Now in addition to the quality of the products being stated, it is not the only reason i patronize this brand. The icing on the cake to me is the customer service. There was another American artisan shave soap brand that was near the top of my list as far as soap quality was concerned, however their customer service was an absolute disaster. Orders were taken and money received, but no products were shipped for weeks at a time. Calls and questions sent by customers were ignored and as expected, this company went out of business 2 years ago. I need not mention the brand's name as any true wet-shaver knows of whom I speak. For these reasons I mention to me the importance of customer service. Of the few times I have had to reach out to B&M's customer service, I have always had an answer or a resolution to a problem. Will is a real gentleman and has always responded to me personally with any questions I had or any glitch that may have surfaced. Lastly, I now speak of the site itself. The website is easy to use and offers clear descriptions of each product. One can move around this site with ease, and checkout is a cinch. All in all, Barrister and Mann is one of the finest American-made artisan soap makers and being a customer offers one of the best experiences to be had. I have no problem recommending this brand to anyone!"
Dino C.
"I recently purchased both Bay Rum shaving soap and aftershave when Will announced limited stock remaining, and uncertainty as to when the Caribbean sources would be able to supply island bay tree leaf to produce more. Although I like subtle bay rum fragrance at the barber, the inexpensive popular drug store bay rum is too heavy in clove and too much burn to my liking. Will's product is mild but lasting, and has top notes of citrus in addition to the clove-like bay tree leaf base notes. Lathering is top notch, as all B-M products, and the scent is complex for which B-M is known. Previously I have purchased Diamond and Rhapsody soaps, both of which I have loved. Adding to that is Will's accessibility for questions, and quick turn-around on orders. I'll definitely be buying more of B-M's products in the future."
John K.
"Great soaps, great fragrances, website is easily laid, quick shipping and the samples are always a nice touch. All around great experience dealing with B&M"
Bill M.
"I ordered samples of the shaving creams. They arrived promptly and nicely packaged. I'm evaluating them in hopes of finding some new favorites. So far, I like the smooth shave I'm getting..."
Ronald W.
"B&M is the best in the wet shaving industry. From products to scents to customer service, they do it all and they do it the best. I’ve tried all the top artisans, B&M is the only brand I use now. Their reserve line out performs any other product out there, hands down!"
Joey P.
"My recent contact with your company went flawlessly. There was excellent communication with Will, also. He responded quickly and thoughtfully to my questions. Additionally, I like the product."
Frank S.
"Great products. Turned my dad onto them as well and he called them “life-altering.” He was always looking for the perfect razor, but never realized it was the foam that was the problem. We both tell everyone we know about this company"
Scott J.
"Have tried many others. First time trying to B&M. Will be my go to from now on. Perfect lather."
Jeff B.
"I love this website the products are the best. I learned about this website from Chris at a cut above YouTube. So happy I bought into the product I will be a customer from now on."
Rodrick G.
"I easily found what I wanted and found the shopping experience enjoyable. This definitely helped me out as a returning wet shaver. I’ll definitely be back."
Michael N.
"Best customer service around"
Matthew M.
"Everything related to Barrister and Mann is fantastic! From the customer service to the products themselves, I’ve always had a wonderful experience!"
Jim A.
"Great products! Totally worth the price!"
Stefan S.
"Bought the soap and splash. Great feel and scent on the soap. The aftershave was a bit strong the first time but I dialed it down a bit (less is more) and I love it!"
Cal S.
"These soaps are by far the best I have ever smelled or shaved with. I will be a customer from now on. Keep making it happen guys👏👏👏👏"
Rodrick G.
"Man, I thought we had it good with what we were getting at B&M, but they just keep getting better. The performance is the best around, and so are the scents. Often think that the scent combo described can never work, and yet they always do!"
Monte M.
"I'm impressed with everything about this company. Quality products all around. Amazing follow through service from Will the owner. They have earned my loyalty to the brand."
Matthew K.
"This company lives up to the hype. The products were excellent, and make my shaving experience so much more enjoyable. They were shipped and arrived extremely fast, along with a nice thank you email from Will. I’ll definitely be ordering more products from B&M in the future."
Justin S.
"First time trying these products and they're amazing! I won't ever use any other shaving products again."
Alexander S.
"I'd have to say that Barrister and Mann's is Elite! If it wasn't for my compulsion to buy more and more shaving products, I would be perfectly happy just using these products exclusively! Keep up the great work!."
Eric B.
"I've never had a less than outstanding experience dealing with B&M. The website is easy to navigate, the products are first class all the way, and the service is fantastic."
Jason M.
"Great stuff as always"
Melquisedec U.
"Always a pleasure shopping with B&M. Top teir products with very kind, down to earth, responsive customer service."
Jarred D.
"Barrister and Mann's customer service is top notch. Any question I've asked has been answered promptly, and my orders are always shipped quickly. Heck, I've gotten candy and free samples in my last few orders. Come to think of it, I may have received candy with every order. It's a nice touch."
Frank F.
"Been using B-M products for a while now. Performance is outstanding, customer service is second to none. While I continue to try other artisans, what keeps me coming back to B-M (And will for years to come) Is scent profile. No one interprets one scent the same, but everything I've tried to date has found a place in my den. Keep up the good work!"
William W.

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