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Awesome Shavesoap and aftershave
"Incredible products that make shaving a pleasure. Thank you Barrister & Mann!"
Michael W.
Grand Chypre soap
"Exceptional ability to create a creamy lather! Since I discovered B&M last year I go nowhere else for my shaving cream. All of the choices that i have purchased provide wonderful results. I especially like the ability that they provide to control the consistency of lather on my face."
Hal B.
Whatsis is Greatsis!
"I waited in anticipation for this soap of inspiration to arrive at my door so I could explore the wonderful scent and feel quite content like the days of my youth which I adored. Great Shave, Great Scent, Great cause"
Neal H
Classic Cool
"This is a great scent! Cool and clean (and the wife likes it). Smells like a fresh trip to the barber shop. The Reserve base consistently delivers a great lather as well."
Pat M.
Very Good Fougere AS
"If the Fern Reserve soap is a 5/5 this is a 4.75/5. The Reserve AS base is very good and probably some of the best AS's out there. The only slight reduction in score is the soap fragrance has a creamy wooded warmth which elevates it to God tier while the AS does goes a little more cool traditional fougere in it's approach. Still it's a close match and the Fern Reserve line is my favorite B&M products thus far a little in front of their Lavender Reserve. Highly recommended!"
Tom R
God Tier Fougere
"Fougeres can be overly sharp and mineral - This is the opposite of a sharp imbalanced fougere fragrance. Creamy, woody, lightly warm, and of course green... But, each note in balance and harmony with each other. Add to this the great B&M Reserve soap base and this is probably my favorite single shaving product. Pair with the matching Fern after shave and something like YSL's Rive Gauche Homme or MFK's Masculine Pluriel for an ultimate fougere morning dapper experience (I haven't tried B&M's fougere fragrance products)."
Tom R
Unique Scent
"Awesome service as always!"
Mark W.
"I'm sure he loves it. He said he did."
Robert R.
What a man wants
"The scent is so deep and intriguing. You can definitely see the high quality and attention to detail put into these soaps. Some men want the best - and this is it. "
Darkest of dark
"This is one amazing scent that really lights up the olefactory! Damp, dirty and oh so good. "
Where to start?
"Well I'll tell you. This scent is one of those nights where you want something gruff, dirty, leathery, and definitively dark and mysterious. It reminds me of mornings doing firewood in the wetlands and wood where I grew up, buck skin gloves, decomposing leaves and tree bark, black silty clay mud, the brush fire and the brisk, damp fall air. Think rugged, spicy, earthy, yet sophisticated and fresh. Though I will say a little of this, and I mean a little, goes a long way. "
Joseph D.
"Wonderful new base and scent, in the running for favorite shaving soap scent I've tried from B+M, along with Seville. "
Ryan H.
Wife Loves It
"This is a great daily wear frag. It is strong—go easy because whatever you spray on yourself will last a very long time. The bright citrus top is cheery and picks you up. It is a match to the AS and soap. But the drydown lets the powdery wood notes come through the citrus head. You get to that point quickly and stay there all day long. This is not a complex scent story with a beginning, a changing middle and an end. It ends very much as it began—and That is a very good thing. I’ll get the big bottle when it’s released. "
Steve Gilchrist
"I'm always excited for a new box from B&M. This came well packed and presentation was great as usual. The scent initially worried me but after a few minutes of drying came alive. I am very happy to have picked this up. I'd be even happier to get a soap and AS to go with it. Wink wink nudge nudge pleeease"
Ryan M.
It would be a disservice to use the soap without also using the aftershave
"This aftershave smells as good as the soap, leaves your skin feeling soft and happy, and leaves no sticky residue. "
Matthew H
Clean fougere
"I am tremendously happy with this soap. As someone who is new to fougere scents I like this one the most out of all that I've tried. It is pleasantly dark/earthy while still smelling clean. I will certainly be buying another tub when the one I'm using runs out."
Matthew H
My favorite shaving soap
"This is simply my favorite shaving soap. It makes my skin feel great, the scent works for all occasions, and it provides excellent slickness and protection while shaving."
Matthew H
Feels as good as it smells
"This is a top tier aftershave. It smells good, it leaves my skin feeling soft and happy, and it doesn't leave any uncomfortable/unwanted residue."
Matthew H.
Highly recommend!
"This is my favorite shave soap (or creme for that matter) i have ever used. I have a hard time with irritation post shave but this product has completely rid me of this problem. Great scents available . I order extra to keep on hand"
Douglas H.
Great scent !
Fougere Aromatique-A Spicy Fougere
"This Scent is Beautifully Composed, and is definitely suited for Cooler weather. "
Hunter H.
"Great shave Leaves me feeling smooth and the smells are fantastic "
levi f.
Great Soap
"The lather is awesome and the scent is great! This is my first real artisan soap, but I’m anxious to try other B&M products! "
Dillon M.
My favorite soap
"I absolutely love Barrister’s Reserve Spice. The scent is amazing and the lather is perfectly dense and easy to load. It gets better and better the more water I put in it. I wish they made a cologne that smellled like this. "
James B.
Awesome after shave !
"Wake After shave Splash is an awesome producț, nice properties that will soothe your face after having a shave. The smell is a mild cologne type , very pleasant and invigorating."
Dorel R.
Fern Shaving Soap
"Fresh scent . Get it now."
Larry M.
Love the new base
"The new Excelsior base is amazing. Worth trying for any wet shaver. I can't wait for more scents to be released in this base."
Matthew H.
Pairs well with the soap
"This is a rock solid aftershave splash that complements the soap well."
Matthew H.
Wonderful scent
"Just like the other reserve cool products this one is similarly spectacular and just right for about any occasion :)"
Nathan K.
Amazing product and service
"I was so blown away with the scent of the Seville soap that I decided to buy the EDT so I could enjoy it even on days when I don't shave. The scent of the EDT is true to the soap, but blows the soap out of the water in terms of longevity and strength. If I'm being honest, this the first fragrance I've ever been happy with in my entire life... It's crisp, clean and bright, while also having a deep warmth that's hard to describe. My only concern is the day you stop making it (please tell me it's part of the permanent line-up)?! The customer service was also incredible; I got an email that the product was delivered very shortly after I placed the order, and was delighted to see that the people of B&M included a sample of the Reserve Cool aftershave and some Valentine's day chocolates! What a great company. "

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