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Pleasantly Surprised
"I appreciated how B&M kept me informed about the status of my order. The notifications reminded me of the care and attention I have received in upscale men's stores. I have just finished the sample Reserve Cool shaving soap and I am impressed. I watched a video of a wet shaver preparing the B&M lather and learned how to create a thick rich lather. The Cool lather gave me the best straight razor shave I have ever had. Once I have used the other two soap samples, I will place my order for the regular size shaving soap and aftershave. Thank you Will for the service and the quality shaving soaps. The scents are a surprising bonus. James"
James B.
Green Goodness
"I am a fan of barbershop scents like Azzarro Pour Homme. This is a perfect compliment. It's green, fresh and deep. I look forward to the edt release. "
Adam L.
Great shave soap
"This lasts longer than anything else I've used, it also makes a great lather on my skin and prevents irritation. I won't use anything else!"
Erin A.
"The smell was amazing and look forward to using it everytime. "
Jamie W.
Great water based pomade
"This is not like the mass produced clear jelly pomades. This is more of a small batch artisan made product. It provides as much hold as you want, just adjust the amount you use. This doesn't harden, so you can always restyle with a comb or your fingers. The scent of this is fantastic, and lasts pretty much all day for me. "
Goldilocks pomade
"Doesn't hold too much like clay or too little as well as not being too glossy. Smells good and lasts all day. "
Kevin Beltran
This is an excellent scent for men uncertain if Eau de Toilettes are for them
"This is a scent that I am happy wearing to any occasion. Overall it smells clean and fresh in a citrusy masculine way. This is a great choice if you want to smell good without worrying about your fragrance being overwhelming or offensive to others. "
Reserve Waves
"Another awesome soap from B&M (I have Lavender and Cool). Lathers easily, super slick and wonderful post shave feel. Really really impressed with the reserve line. They are making it impossible to use anything else. "
Matthew N.
Barrister's Reserve® Classic Shaving Soap
"Just give them your money. it's that good !!!"
Larry M.
Barrister's Reserve® Waves Shaving Soap
"You will not regret buying this shave soap !!!"
Larry M.
Cologne Russe Shaving Soap
"Just buy it !!! "
Larry M.
Barrister's Reserve® Spice Shaving Soap
"experience was unbelievable !!! "
Larry M.
Such a slick soap!
"This was my first experience using a Barrister and Mann soap. I was blown away with how slick this soap feels on the face, and the scent is incredible! Can’t wait to try more soaps! "
Eduardo Garcia
Outstanding as Usual
"Fantastic soap from B&M. Been using this for a week and have had a great shave everyday. Scent is pleaseant, reminds me a little of Hallows."
William M.
Mantén a Seville en tu rotación.
"I have been a fan of Barrister and Mann ever since I discovered the tribute Mr. Carius gave to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy about 3 or 4 years ago with his popular 42. Since then I have been a regular user of his many soaps including Barrister and Mann’s Classic line of soaps and aftershaves. The quandary I have every morning is which one will I shave with that day. Seville shaving soap by Barrister and Mann is one of my favorites after trying many of the other, soaps, gels and creams on the market going on 50 years. I have no doubt you will be quite satisfied by putting this product in your rotation."
Richard Kerlin
Perfect cold-weather scent.
"I've used this several times before I sat down to write my review. I wanted more than just a whiff from the bottle to write about. Quality of the aftershave is standard for B & M. That is to say, excellent. Feels good on the skin, soothing after a shave, outstanding scent quality. The scent is more coffee than anything else, to me. The leather kind of wafts around the background. It's always there, but it's a secondary note. Then after some time mingling with skin, drying down, etc. I get a sense of the wood notes. As usual, B&M scents always seem to evoke a "scene". Leviathan, to me, calls to mind sitting in an old cabin on a chilly fall day. A nice cabin, though. Big wood shelves filled with books. Leather chairs. Leather coats. Leather boots. Everybody's got a cup of coffee (some may have a little splash of the spirits in theirs). Maybe sitting around reading or talking after dinner. I get amazing longevity out of this, and it seems to change throughout the day in subtle and wonderful ways. Very interesting and enjoyable to wear."
Glenn W.
Amazing scent and performance
"The Reserve aftershave line provides an incredible post-shave feel and compliments the scent of the shaving soap. The aftershave is refreshing to use, while moisturizing and healing the skin. "
Joshua R.
Fantastic product
"I’ve always used a badger brush, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about with synthetics. I can’t express how much I love this brush. Well done, guys. "
Andrew P.
Thank you!
"Thank you for making my experience pleasant!"
Heney S.
Blown Away!!!
"I experience some issues with an order. Will went above and beyond to rectify the issue. Not only am I blown away on how fast it was handled.. The service was top notch! Thank you for everything! The Hallow soaps are perfect!"
Heney S.
Barbershop of the Gods!
"Seville is absolutely fantastic! Best barbershop scent in the business in my opinion. Lather is slick and pillowy. Performance is superb. B&M never disappoints!"
Brandon H.
Awesome Product
"Great scent, super slick soap! Love this stuff! Use it daily! Looking forward to my next purchase!"
John M.
Never going back
"This is the aftershave I've been waiting for. I have never been more satisfied with the feeling, scent, and experience as much as with this. There are many offerings from B&M that I haven't tried that I"m eager to experience, but honestly, I could use Seville for the rest of my life and die happy."
Brannon Green
nice little tester
"I picked this up to get a little sample of what B&M has to offer. I liked them all but really like Cool and Spice the most. I bought a full bottle of Cool and it does seem to smell slightly different from the sample, but that may be in my mind. That said, I love Cool and Spice, but Classic is also fantastic. You can't go wrong with these aftershaves."
brannon g.
Love this scent!
"Smells so good and lasts all day. My girlfriend will text me when I"m at work that she walked into the bathroom after I shaved (also with Seville shave soap and aftershave) and applied the Seville Eau de Toilette. She wants me to come straight back. This is the scent I've been waiting for."
brannon g.
"This is a fine soap. It loads well provides great cushion and slickness, but most of all the feeling of your skin after you shave is what really sells it for me. Smooth and no burn. Allows you to get close without causing irritation. Highly recommended. "
Michael T.
King of scents
"This is a great floral scent with citrus notes. It’s clean and I love it!"
Adam V.
Amazing Soaps - Excellent Sample Pack
"Amazing soaps! Great lather, very slippery, best I have used to date. I ordered both sample packs to get all 6 different soaps. The aroma and smell of some of them is not exactly to my liking but that does not detract from the quality and performance of the soaps and has not changed my review as each person's preference will obviously be different. This is exactly why I ordered the sample pack to find what I like best and then order a full size. They even threw in a free sample pack of aftershave with my order. Great customer service and I company I look forward with doing more business with in the future. Highly recommend!"
Kevin H.
Great aftershave
"Great shave that compliments Waves soap. It smells good."
Just buy it - don't question me.
"Scent is pleasant but the slickness of Reserve base is outstanding. Awesome with buffing w/blade (no soap but with residual slickness)."

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