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Nice Chocolate Smell
"I ordered this on a whim due to its Massachusetts references, I really enjoyed the scent profile. My favorite part is the chocolate hints it has in its smell. As with all the Barrister and Mann products I have tried so far it is nice and slick, lathers easily leaves a nice smooth post shave, and has a nice matching aftershave splash. I also really love the container this one comes in, all white except the skull and cross bones. I would buy it again and definitely recommend it. Nice Halloween/fall scent. "
Great Soap
"I had bought this and I have been using it for around a month now. It has a nice complex scent to it, very royal smelling. As usual with barrister and man products it is easy to lather, very slick, and amazing smell. The post shave feel is moisturized and nourished skin. I feel like this is one of their most natural soaps in regaurds to smell and feel both during and post shave. As usual Barrister and Mann hit it out of the park with this one. I truly enjoy this company and their products. "
"Slick and fine smelling like a lovely fall day"
Karl V.
Cologne Russe
"Do yourself a big favor and try out this scent. It is a profoundly deep and complex aroma - multi-dimensional to say the least."
Ed M.
My first purchases
"I love Barrister & Mann man products! I always get great results! I have tried many other soaps and B&M soaps seem to work best for me and my sensitive skin . Highly Recommend. "
Manuel S.
Best of the best
"This is by far my favorite soap. I love the scent of it, and it lathers so nicely. A good autumn scent, but I'll be using it for most of the year!"
brandon aument
Intriguing, complex scent, great quality
"I can't complain about any of the shaves using this product. It is absolutely fantastic. I have a feeling the scent is either hit or miss with people. I love it. There's a spiciness and kind of floral undertone to it, but still very masculine. Definitely buying again next year"
brandon aument
"Great quality and amazing scent. I pick up on the leather and sandalwood, mostly. Wouldn't mind a little more coffee, but still impressed either way. Will definitely be purchasing this next autumn"
Brandon A.
Beyond the badger
"Having been raised on the supremacy of the badger brush, I was reluctant to try this new-fangled "synthetic" brush. I was wrong. Much better, more lather, and no finding embarrassing stray badger hairs on my face later in the day. Do it! (And welcome to the 21st century!) -Bruce M."
Bruce Maxson
Amazing aftershave!
"It smells like...happiness. This is a very crazy cool and peppered strawberry. For aftershave the smell lasts a very long time. Post shave care as good as it gets. Thank you Will for exceptional job. "
Mikhail Z.
Very good and best slick
"Very good and best slick soap"
chris b.
The Hype is Real
"The glissant base is very exceptional for creating a slick and moisturizing lather. The scent is very unlike anything I've ever smelled, but it seems to accurately capture walking a damp and chilly New England Fall evening. I find it addicting and so does my girlfriend. "
Marc E.
Easy To Wear
"Wife and I agree on this. If I didn’t like so many other shaving scents I could use this every day. Great stuff, but you know that. "
Steve G.
Must have!
"I have always had great experiences with this soap company and this soap definitely did not disappoint! It was my perfect Halloween shave!"
Matthew W.
Perfect cold weather scent
"Perfect scent for cool weather! Love the way the individual notes intermingle and how the scent develops during the day. Lasts at least 8 hours for me."
Benjamin S.
Smells great!
"I love it. I had a free sample of it from a previous purchase, so that's all I needed to know I wanted it! Thabks for the military discount and the quality product. "
Paul P.
Best in the market period!
"Product is always consistent. Scents are amazing across the board "
Mark G.
Seville shaving soap
"Excellent, I received my first B & M product at Christmas last year. Really liked it, had to order another. "
Chris K.
Can’t go wrong
"Smell is awesome, lathers like all the b&m soaps. Can’t go wrong"
Brian C.
Highly recommend
"Smells divine. I've had mixed ideas about the smell but it's like rum or chocolate mixed with a wonderful earthy forest scent. Perfect for this fall season "
Mara M.
First time buyer
"This is the first B&M product I have purchased. So far so am really enjoying it. The reducer was limiting the flow too much for my taste so I poured some into a small sample-size 10mL spray bottle and I find it much easier to use now. "
Matthew B.
Awesome scent!
"I picked this up before it ran out along with the soap. Awesome scent that my wife really digs and the performance of the soap is incredible!"
Neil H.
Another Great One
"Someone else commented about Nocturne being somewhat similar to Roam, and I agree. There's an earthy undertone that is awesome! Leaves and damp earth, and definitely smoky. Nocturne is tied with Leviathan for 2nd place in my rotation, with Roam being my absolute first place. The lather of Nocturne is the familiar B&M luxury and performance I have come to expect from all of their soaps, which is to say it gives me amazingly protective and comfortable face and head shaves. These guys know how to make shave soap! "
Dave B.
Great fragrance
"I love the fragrance — not easy to describe. Perhaps damp at first, with some citrusy notes that appear later. Works great with my straight razor, as well as a DE razor."
Wow factor
"I actually just received this soap in the mail today and had to try it out right away. I wanted to try one of the Reserve lines but was unsure of which scent I should choose. I'm glad I chose the Lavender. It has a very subtle organic lavender scent that smells authentic and not that strong chemical perfume type you get in a lot of products you smell in stores. It lingers a little while after on the face, but the smell is very welcoming. I was a little caught off guard with the consistency of the product. I have hard water in my house so I was eager to try the Reserve line out. It definitely has that gooey factor going on. But with a little trial and error with the water to soap ratio, I eventually settled with what I found was satisfying. As with any Barrister and Mann soap I've used so far, their foundation and quality never ceases to amaze me. I've tried a good amount of other shaving soaps so far, but I always find myself coming back to B&M products. Their customer service is also very helpful and hospitable, as well. Amazing work!"
Tom M.
Great brush!
"I wasn't sure what to think when I seen the handle of this brush but its very comfortable and feels great in the hand. Forms lather very easy and soft on your face. If you need a brush don't hesitate to grab this! "
Samuel L Crabtree
Great scent!
"If you like citrus this is a must have! The soaps really slick and easy to lather even in my hard water. There is a reason why this is their most popular soap! Stop reading and order it already =)"
Sam C.
This is one of my first scents from Barrister and Mann!
"My experience with this soap has been a great one! I love this scent. This newer base is definitely better than the last and I am sure will be improved on again. I have not noticed any change in the scent over the years between different bases, which is a great thing, because I truly appreciate this one. I have yet to get the matching aftershave for this soap which is an extreme rarity in my shaving den as i like sets. It has stood the test of time for sure and remained in my rotation even without the matching aftershave. That is a saying a lot as I do not have any other soaps in my collection which have stayed without a matching aftershave . That is how good this one really is!"
This one surprised me!
"As a standard for this soap base this a top notch performer. It has fantastic slickness and post face feel for sure! I was not sure i was going to appreciate this scent, but wow this one was pretty on point and I really ended up appreciating it. This soap base does have a learning curve and required a lot of water, but if you give it a few tries to dial it in, you will be very pleased with it!"
i had no idea I was such a Lavender fan
"This soap base is fantastic for my extremely hard water and I was surprised as to how well it held up to it!. I know that lavender was just okay for me, but this scent version definitely stepped it up and made me appreciate it even more so. if you are into Lavender this soap base and scent will knock it out of the park for you!"

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