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Awesome Soap - Intense, Complicated, and Animalic
"In the market saturated by many "simple" scents which are one dimensionally, Barrister and Mann differentiates itself by offering soaps which eschews such simplicity. Night Music is such an example and achieved a cult status in numerous online shaving forum. When smelling it, i can pick up hints of vanilla ,not the type which you find in ice creams but something much more herbal - those which you find in freshly cut vanilla ports. Musk is also present although i must say that when first opening up the soap, it seems over powering and some complain that it reeks like dirty clothes. My advice is that open it up a while, lather it up and the wonderful combination will present itself beautifully. Lastly, the soap is also finished with a ting of strawberry, although faint, it will catch you when you are not paying attention. Overall, this is definitely something to try if you are tired of the orthodox scents by other soap makers on the market."
Zhou Y.
Pretty Terrific
"Taiga is a great scent without being overpowering. It lasted several hours and left my face well conditioned. I liked the bottle too -- it's easy and convenient to use."
Doug L.
My favorite B&M soap
"Then again, Cologne Russe is my favorite, too. But back to the Lavanille, The scent is intoxicating. I wish I could shave every hour. I use a high-quality synthetic fiber brush (Muhle 35K257) to avoid staining my badger brush and I'm good to go."
David G.
Night Music EDT
"Since the introduction of B&M's Night Music shaving soap & aftershave splash it has been a somewhat of a polarizing scent - I, for one ... LOVE it! I must say that I have 24 B&M soaps in my rotation and Night Music is among my favorites. For me the scent is unique in it's composition - STRONG (I like strong) musk that seems the backbone of this fragrance coupled with a lovely vanilla that stays with you quite a while ... but a ripe juicy strawberry presence is right there lending a gourmand feel to the edt. The real surprise is the iris - I get rubber & metallic vibe, that to me combined with the other components is quite sensual - sillage is good with a few sprays & scent will stay close for several hours after the dry down. Great anytime, but for me ... evening for some night music -wink!"
Jerry C.
Sultry and satisfying
"So if the orgy scene from the Film "Eyes Wide Shut" had a scent, this would be it in the best possible way. It smells flowery, masculine, and fruity at the same time. Lathers beautifully and it can hold a lot of water. This is my first B&M soap and I will definitely be buying more from them in the future."
Raymond C.
A little easier to come at this year
"I find most of Barrister and Mann's original scents slow to unfold. I rarely like them at first sniff, but always end up loving them. And Night Music has proven the most demanding of the lot. When it arrived, my girlfriend and I both judged the musk waaay too up front, and very off-putting. Over time and with use, the musk settled and softened and the vanilla swam to the surface, along with the iris, and the scent gained structure, sweetness and a (very) little couth. But this is still the dirtiest scent I own - orders of magnitude raunchier than famously animal scents like Bandit or Knize 10. Think a roll in the hay on a hot summer night, after a long summer day. In fact, this may be my favourite B&M scent, despite being entirely NSFW. At this point it almost goes without saying that for performance, B&M soaps are unmatched."
Chris B.
Crisp and Fresh
"You should know right off that I'm no Barrister and Mann fanboy. The single worst smelling shaving soap I have ever tried (Nocturne) was a Barrister and Mann soap -- it smelled like a concoction of spoiled fish and old gym socks. Now, I know Will is a creative fellow but even he outdid himself with that creation. Thankfully, all his recent stuff has not evoked my gag reflex. Dickens, like Figgy Pudding, are clean refreshing scents that will not turn you into a serial murderer in the morning and what more can we ask of a shaving soap than that."
Seth G.
Yes please.
"All I can say is that my wife loves the way "the bear" smells on my face. It has all the quality I've come to expect from Barrister and Mann products and is a great choice for anyone."
My favorite B&M Soap
"Of course, Cologne Russe is also my favorite B&M soap, too. The scent of Lavanille is so intoxicating, the lather so great, that I wish I could shave every hour. Great stuff. I use a high-end (Muhle V2 silvertip fibre) brush due to the vanillin instead of my badger so no worries about staining. Nice, Will. Nice."
David Grau
Awesome soap
"Love this soap! Excellent performance as always and a great, holiday themed scent. My only regret is not buying the matching aftershave."
Zach N.
My favorite of the Reserve line!
"This aftershave is amazing with quite a bit of scent longevity! The performance is wonderful; even with the roughest shave, my face has gone from fire to ice and mellowed to a comfortable and wonderful post shave feel. I have two bottles of Floid Blue and find myself grabbing this more often than Floid because its performance is far better and the scent lasts longer."
The best spice aftershave I have in my collection!
"If this is supposed to be a recreation of the original Shulton Old Spice, what an amazing scent that was! As with all of the Reserve line aftershaves, this provides a wonderful face feel after even the roughest shave and tames any irritation you may have. Scent wise - it has a wonderful spice scent that lasts all day... I tend to go back and forth as to whether Cool or Spice lasts longer. Initially, it has that typical Old Spice scent. After a couple hours, a slight floral note begins to rise up from under the wonderful spice. By later in the day, I get a sweet spice smell that makes me crave baked goods that contain cinnamon and nutmeg. I have other spice scented aftershaves from other great artisans but this one takes the cake!"
What a wonderful addition
"The EdT perfectly compliments the Soap/AS combo. Following more in the AS steps, the EdT has less upfront musk and more vanilla when compared to the soap. The scent profile, by design, stays consistent throughout the day lasting 8-10 hours. I look forward to the next EdT from B&M."
Tyler L.
Wonderful splash for when you don't want the scent to last all day
"I remember trying a pre-release sample of Classic and giving feedback and am amazed at how much better it got by the time it reached production. This aftershave like the other two from the Reserve line is the perfect follow up to a rough shave. If you ever feel like you've fallen face first into a porcupine, grab a bottle of Reserve. As for the scent; it is a wonderful classic smell and makes me wish I could find a vintage bottle of Gillette Sun-up. There is just something refreshing about the scent and it mellows out to a classic scent that reminds me of fond times with my grandfather (when we were both quite a bit younger - its not an old man scent). It lasts anywhere between 1-4 hours, depending on whether conditions and my activity level. Even after it seems as the scent is long gone, I do get the occasional light whiff that only I would notice."
What an amazing aftershave for the holiday season!
"This scent is phenomenal! I love Will's holiday releases, but this one is my favorite. It has a sweet, spicy, yet savory and green (due to the fig) scent to it. It was a great follow up to the soap - which performed very well - and left my face feeling hydrated a soft. My face does have a slight reaction to something in the splash but it is nothing I would knock a star off for as it is something that is out of Will's control."
A New Favorite
"This product is great. I am a fan of the label design, as well as the box that the EdT comes in. The atomizer works very well, dispensing a uniformly fine mist every time. The scent was tweaked a bit from the soap and aftershave, but I still enjoy the fragrance very much. It strikes me as a rich fragrance that is soft in feel. In that regard, it is somewhat unique among the products I own. I would definitely buy another bottle of this if I were to run out. Great job, WIll! NB: Product may have some vanillin crystals floating around. Give it a quick shake, and the crystals will redissolve without a problem."
Yosef A.
Great performer
"This is now my 2nd b&m product and so far I'm loving it.... great performers and great scents..."
First Snow shaving soap
"Great smell and lather!"
Dan M.
First Snow is First Class
"What's not to like? Excellent packaging and label art. The fir and leather scent brings me back to the snowy Northeast winters of my childhood, and the performance of the Glissant base soap is second to none. It's dense, creamy, and as slick as any soap on the market. Truly excellent stuff."
Jason M.
Leviathan is a great scent
"Unfortunately only a seasonal product, Leviathan was my first experience with the B&M product line, and I purchased both the shaving soap and the aftershave. Obviously, I was impressed. While I normally don't use alcohol-based aftershaves, and Leviathan definitely contains alcohol, I loved the scent, and simply used an unscented moisturizer afterwards. Leather, sandalwood, and coffee are three of my favorite things...:) Makes you feel like a Jane Austin character living on the moors."
William R.
Perfect for the holidays
"Crisp and clean scented. I asked my wife what she thought and she said it smelled just like the holidays. Perfect. I love this."
Alexander M.
Awesome After Shave
"Smells Good, feels great on your face. I love it. I just wish the scent would last longer. But still Awesome. Fantastic ingredients."
Marcos m.
"thought it would be too musky straight out of the jar...however once you get to lathering, everything explodes onto your face. the shave is luxe...thick, creamy, easy to lather and lots of slickness. good work all!"
"This scent took me back to my childhood holidays and the lather performance was amazing! Looking forward for the holiday season again to put it back into rotation."
Mario O.
A Complex Scent and Incredible Performer
"This soap was my introduction to Barrister and Mann's products. I'd read about previous releases of this soap and eagerly awaited the release of this. It was worth the wait. In terms of soap performance, this lives up to all the hype that the Glissant base gets. Slick, protective lather, with a great residual slickness and post-shave feel. Easy to lather as well. The scent is probably the only area some may complain. This scent is very polarizing. I happen to love it. It really evolves on you. I swear it's a little different every time I smell it, and I only like it more and more every time. Overall, I can't recommend this stuff enough. If you want to smell like the most delicious, dirty mystery, then this is probably the soap for you."
Jon A.
It smells and feels great!
"It smells and feels great! Like evergreens."
Robert L.
A soap rotation myst have
"While I'm not a shaving or soap expert by any means my take on this product is it is one of the best scents and performers on the market. Its easy to load provides superb cushioning and smells great as others have described. I'm always confident when using this product that I'll have a great shave. IMO this is the one to always have on hand."
Tim W.
"Great matching smell to the shaving soap and aftershave. A little goes a long way."
Jason W.
"Strong musk scent off the puck, but opens up to a wonderful and complex scent when lathered A+ 10/10 five stars"
Steven L.
Sex In a Jar
"This stuff smells raunchy, but in a refined sexy way. The musk hits you first followed by a subtle strawberry note then the musk is mellowed out by the vanilla. This is some potent stuff and the scent, coupled with the aftershave lingers for hours."
Mathew S.

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