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Leviathan aftershave
"Great stuff. From everything I can tell the folks at Barrister and Mann put a lot of work into their products and care about the ingredients they use in making their products, so I buy my shave soaps and aftershaves from them. To my amazement Will the founder responds to email and even phone calls. You probably won’t find similar quality of product or customer service very easily. I love the smell of Leviathan as much as Lavanille my other favorite. "
Philip C.
"Great scent and leaves my face feeling well moisturized. This aftershave is far more than the typical, with the amount of quality ingredients packed into this leaves your face feeling new again."
"The scent on this is very clean. Super slick, easy lather."
My Favorite Aftershave
"I love mentholated aftershaves and B&M Cool is my favorite. The scent is crisp and clean and works great as an astringent without over-drying my face. "
James B.
Leviathan Is One of the Best
"The slickness and density of the lather is phenomenal. I've always loved the scent and each time I buy it I enjoy it more. "
James B.
Amazing Scent!
"This has become my most favorite fragrance. All of the positive reviews are right about the description so I won't attempt to say what has already been said by others in the most entertaining ways imaginable. I'm not one who really gets into fragrances but I am very glad that I took the chance. I absolutely adore how the scent evolves throughout the day. I kept smelling my shirt and even the next day I loved the aroma. This is an extremely complex and intoxicating masterpiece by Barrister and Mann. I will definitely order again. "
Fantastic soap
"As usual, BM doesn't disappoint. I'll save my opinion of the scent, as that is very subjective. I found it to be classic, masculine, and somewhat familiar. The reserve soaps are simply the finest I have used. I never have a bad shave, they are incredibly forgiving and offer excellent protection."
Jon Washburn
Dapper and Classic
"Fern is easily Barrister’s most classy smelling fragrance. It smells like a barbershop mixed with spicy, grassy notes."
Erik Nelsen
Seville Shaving Soap
"Seville Shaving Soap is the best shave I have ever used. I am 60 years old so its safe to say I have been shaving a long time, I have used others with disappointment. "
David L.
"Wonderful ! This is my absolute favorite scent! Performance is great per usual! But the smell I love!"
Eric barnard
Seville Lives up to it's billing
"1st Barrister & Mann soap for me. It was my New Year's Day shave soap. If that's how the Barber Shoppes smelled way back - then I'm on board. Easy to lather, good slickness and nice face feel after the shave. Followed that up with the Spice Aftershave - Great way to start the 2019."
David G.
The best aftershave splash!
"Reserve is the most nourishing and soothing aftershave splash on the market! Waves is a great, clean aquatic scent."
Domenico B.
Cool aftershave
"I'll start out by saying this: when you see those reviews that say don't just sniff the container, try it on, they are dead on correct! I didn't care for the scent much smelling just the sample but a friend loved it and I got it anyway. Boy am I glad I did. It's probably my all time favorite! The soap is great, too! "
mark w.
"Love this fragrance. Bought it for myself after buying a sample and my wife loved it and bought me another bottle for Christmas!"
Derrick R.
Best scent yet
"This is by far my favorite shaving soap I've ever used. The scent is so perfect for the last few months of the year when the world gets a little darker. Great work!"
Keegan N.
Most unique and perfect cologne!
"I purchased Fougere Gothique Eau De Parfume for my son for Christmas. He texted me later that night to thank me, and said, “I love it, I’ve sniffed my collar about 20 times today.”"
Angie A.
"Gift for my son, he was happy"
Roger M.
Classic and Dapper
"This is easily Barrister’s most classy smelling scent. It smells like a barbershop mixed with a spicy plant."
Erik Nelsen
My Favorite Lavender
"This is by far my favorite Lavender Scent, and is a must if you’re a fan of B&M’s Reserve Lavender Soap/Splash."
Hunter H.
Typical great B&M shave soap!
"What can I say? Cologne Russe shaving soap performs like all other B&M products. Wonderful protection and slickness. And the scent is fantastic. "
Kirk R.
Wonderful Products
"Excellent! Delightful "
Annette G.
Another great product
"I bought this as a gift for my dad and he loves it. The quality of B&M products is exceptional and the fragrances are always top notch."
Dustin W.
Home run? Nope. Grand slam!
"Outstanding scent! It is quite complex. It has some spice, moss, balsam, and others that I cannot quite put a finger on. Just a great scent. It really is a winter scent. I hope it is a permanent seasonal offering along with Leviathan. Barrister and Mann found a winner with this one!"
Robert S.
Great product and shopping experience
"This was purchased as a gift for my husband. The aftershave shipped quickly and included some holiday candy, a few samples, a hand written note from an employee. These were great touches. The product itself is also excellent. My husband loves the earthy scent and the splash doesn't burn or irritate his sensitive skin. It does have a fairly strong scent, so you don't need to use much. We'll likely buy from B&M again. "
Amy K.
As of today, the best shaving soap formulation you can get anywhere
"This new soap formulation is incredible. As great as all the prior B&M formulations have been, they've somehow managed to kick the performance up yet another notch. The scent is not my favorite, but is quite agreeable and ranks pretty highly with members of my family while comparing a number of my different soaps. The highest praise I can give this soap is that if I were going to be stranded on a desert island and could only have one soap for the rest of my life, this one is it."
Randall R.
Amazing Scent
"The whole Vespers line is amazing. You'll want this scent to stay with you- the EDT does just that. Will, you have a winner here- I hope this comes back every season. Too good not to. "
Daniel Owens
Top notch
"Third shave with Vespers this morning and it was top notch in every way. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want the shave to end. Better than Reserve? Hard to say at this point. "
Benjamin M.
"Awesome service! Super happy with the product, friendliness and service. Definitely recommend."
Brennain G.
Instant classic
"This reminds me of the original YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme. It's become an immediate favorite of mine as it blends happily with many of my colognes."
Martin M.
Several "Reserve" soaps.
"A little extra care for these thirsty soaps are worth it. Great performance."
Robert R.

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