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"B&M exceeds all expectations. If there is an issue, Will doesn’t just correct it, he goes above and beyond. You can expect a response within hours, not days like many companies. In addition, the products at B&M are fantastic! Great work Will keep it up!"
Neil C.
"I have never had anything but a good experience with Barrister and Mann, well minus the hits to my wallet when they release new products! Will is not just putting out a top quality product that can only be beat by the customer service. Will, his mom and the crew over at Barrister are also constantly pushing the bounds of the human olfactory glads. No scent is the same as another, and no scent is a let down in my personal experience. Having said that at first whiff I have been off put, however I have a strict three shave policy with Barrister products. I have to shave with it three times before I can say I don’t like it. This is because, the more you use a Barrister soap, the more it opens up, the more complex the scent becomes and the better it gets. Having stuck strictly to this rule, I have some favorite soaps I originally turned my nose up to. All I can say is that Will has has a loyal customer in me. I will be using Barrister and Mann products for years to come."
Kyle S.
"Always enjoy B&M Products."
Jared K.
"Awesome product"
"B&M makes the best shave soap on the market. It's slick, it's got tons of cushion and the post shave feel is amazing. It's the only soap I prefer using for daily shaving."
Kenneth C.
"Been a satisfied customer all thru out! The website is easy to navigate and the latest releases are listed up front so you know which ones to get! Keep it up Will."
Sudhir U.
"Eventide is an amazing fragrance!"
Derrick R.
"Excellent product. Shipping and packing are very good. I had the very best consumer experience ever. The soap and aftershave match is just wonderful. The soap has good Cushing and slicknes. The aftershave cools and refreshes. The combine scent of both are never overpowering."
Robert S.
"Seriously, best products, best scents, fast shipping, and best customer service! Why would you ever shop anywhere else?"
Joey P.
"I love that after shave"
Michael M.
"Will’s customer service is second to none and continues to impress. It’s the icing on the cake of his superior shaving products. Thank you!"
Jeanne H.
"Great website, descriptions of each scent that I have purchased are accurate. Love these products"
Amadeo J.
"There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said before. Excellent products, incredible customer service, and a really nice team running everything. My favorite artisan by far."
Herbert S.
"Every time I receive a package from Barrister and Mann, I know the shaving lather will be marvelous, in texture and performance; the after shave will have a wonderful scent, and the SWAG included in every package will be both useful and relevant. Great products and service!"
Tom P.
"Made with awesome"
Jeffrey D.
"Quality product only begets quality service, lightning communication and goes all out for customer satisfaction. Thanks again."
Michael M.
"I'm a frequent flyer at Barrister and Mann and I've yet to have any issues with the site even on mobile."
Andrew V.
"I found this company when trying to find more local, small businesses. They always deliver on great products. It is amazing how awesome they are."
Benjamin B.
"I’ve been using B&M for the past few years, and it just keeps getting better and better. Will’s new Reserve line is tops in my Shave Den in both scents as well as performance. Customer Service is also excellent. Just recently I had an Aftershave cap seize on me and I was unable to unscrew it. I contacted Will and he sent me a brand new Splash to replace it. A great product backed by great service, what more could you ask for?"
Hunter H.
"SOTD 12-3-17, …but I have promises to keep. Breaking out the newest Christmas/winter scent in my den is always an exciting time. How will it smell, how will it perform? And the main, overriding question is always will She like it? Unique, as expected, yes. So Promises is one of two new seasonal scents from B&M and is very interesting. Reading the description may put you off, understandably so. Rubber isn’t a common scent that we clamor to put on our face. But to me this is a very nostalgic scent, and those can be niche scents as well. They may not find a huge fan base, but those that love it are fans for life. And if you do pull the trigger on this scent follow what Will says, get the soap and a/s. They work well with each other. Opening the tub you’re hit with the saffron/rubber smell and my first thought was, “here we go” with some degree of dread. I didn’t smell like a tire after all. However, after a minute or two I was able to detect the whiskey and orange. The dampness of the peat came out to play as well and then just a slight hint of nutmeg rounded it out. Give it some time and let it breathe and you’re patience will be rewarded. The performance is classic B&M, no disappointment from me. It lathers like a champ and offers tons of slickness and protection. My ikon 101 and feather blade easily mowed down three days of growth with no problems. Will recommends that you buy the soap and splash together to get the full experience so I did, any excuse to buy gear. “But honey, Will says they have to be used together for best results and he’s the creator so he knows best.” On first sniff I picked up the whiskey, nutmeg, and honey as well as the rubber. The saffron/rubber scent isn’t as strong in the splash but is present. The splash left my face feeling and smelling wonderful. And like Will says, it balances the soap and brings everything together with no single scent overpowering the others. I could still smell the saffron, but I think that’s in part because I was looking for it. One final thought, packaging. For me the presentation is just as important as the product itself. I like waterproof labels, sturdy containers, opaque bottles, and an overall look of quality. Will hits all these marks spot on. Yes, I’ll agree that B&M is on the higher end of spectrum but I feel the high level of quality in the product and presentation allow for this. Lastly, I’d like to give special attention to the artwork. I love the watercolor look of the artwork and the way the name blends in without disrupting the overall aesthetic of the label. I’ll be using this all season long, and look forward to the next time. Knowing what to expect I think will help with the next shave. Have a great day shavers, stay safe(ty)."
Matthew N.
"Love this company and all their products!"
Jenette K.
" Barrister and Mann stinks real good, and I want to buy some more."
Ryan S.
"Fougere Gothique, Fern, Promises, and Leviathan have all been recent purchases. Why do I need this much soap? Because - they're amazing, full of personality, and original. Everyone I introduce these products to are blown away and all say they didn't think soap could be this good. The service is quick and friendly. The crew writes thank you notes in each order and the follow-up emails really let you know how much they care about their product and their customers!"
Tim M.
"Never had an issue until the recent spam my mailbox holiday special. You've got a cult following knock it off, You're worse than Amazon. I refreshed your page from 6am until noon for your new seasonals in anticipation that it night just pop up early. It didn't. Quit spamming. Love you. Alcohol induced spam email review."
"I've always had a great experience with Barrister and Mann. I especially like the little touches that come with each order, like the seasonal candy, the Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster recipe, etc. It's been great to get the Barrister's Reserve samples in there too. I wish they had samples for every soap/aftershave, but that's a nitpick. Maybe you could add a mentholated Latha aftershave?"
James B.
"The best of both worlds. I love this company, the performance of their products. I can appreciate the desire for improvement and quick responses from emails. I believe the different product lines could be better laid out in the website making a clear distinction for customers new to shaving soaps maybe even a brief marketing video describing the differences. This would go a long way to introduce people to barrister and Mann."
Garrett M.
"Love my Barrister and Mann shave"
Jim J.
"I love Barrister & Mann, not only are your soaps and aftershaves amazing but your customer service is fantastic, you always seem to go above and beyond. Thank you for all that you do!"
Brian V.
"There are only a few times in life that you find a company that is able to transcend the boundaries of performance, art, and quality into amazing products. Welcome to Barrister and Mann! Not only do they produce great products, but the customer service, attention to detail and professionalism are top notch. I have really been enjoying my experience into the artisanal wet shaving arena for several months now. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas every time a package is due to be delivered and I am about to try a new scent or product. One of these products is Barrister and Mann's "Seville". I have used both their shaving soap and aftershave and it is reigning in the #1 spot of my rotation, I am hoping for the release of a "Seville" ODT or ODP and I will have finally found my signature scent! Yes, it is that good. I have compared Barrister and Mann's shave soap and aftershave with several other brands like TOBS, PAA, FA and H.R.H with excellent and commanding results in cushion and slickness. Next to a sharp fresh blade in a good razor, the shave soap is the next most important part of a really great shave. The quality of B&M''s shave soaps provide the comfort and protection that is needed to defend against razor burn and nicks confidently. The aftershave starts with a gratifying alcohol burn as the astringent does it's job and quickly subsides to a refreshing calm and beautiful burst of spicy citrus bliss as the pores close and the healing process begins for another day. The citrus top notes eventually fade and are replaced by a deep and interesting masculine scent that to me walks a sublime balance between powdery musk, vanilla, ambergris, and a deeper orange spice. The throw and silage are light and lasting without being obtrusive. A cologne with a neat sense of manners that is unmistakably masculine without being pretentious. Do yourself a favor and discover the Barrister and Mann products and scents that work for you. I highly recommend "Seville"!"
Nels G.
"New Lavender soap!..excellent! Bay rum soap shaving soap and aftershave purchased for friend in order to receive SEC finals attendance. It worked due to incredible scent and performance!"
Lamont R.

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