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It's like sex in a bottle.
"To me this probably the best scent you have created. It is way too complex for my nose and I love it!!"
Jay P.
I have purchased mostly every
"I have purchased mostly every soap and aftershave produced from Will and am so satisfied with the performance and the uncommon scent and creativity each scent provides."
Andrew C.
Night Music EdT
"Excellent. For those that found the scent of the soap too musky, this brings out more of the other scents. Lasted a good 8 hours."
Adrian F.
Lovin' me some Night Music!
"First, I want to say that this scent isn't for everyone. I had to try it because of all the hype. I'm glad I did! When I smelled the soap directly from the jar, I wasn't too sure, but a few hours later, I smelled it a few more times, and thought "OK, this may work". It was only when I lathered it, did it open up and completely draw me in. I'm not sophisticated enough to adequately describe what all the aromas and scents coming from Night Music are, or are supposed to be. What I can tell you is that it is exactly as Will, and others, describe it - naughty! Performance wise, it's excellent. This is the only B&M soap I own right now, but I have no complaints about the shave. Because of the vanillin oxidation, there is a dark brown layer on top of the soap (don't try to scrape this off, it's good soap!) which results in a chocolate milk colored lather (way cool, right?). I have only tried this soap with the matching Night Music aftershave. I suggest you do the same!"
Thomas B.
Love night music
"I love this soap, as does my wife. The biggest problem I have is that she is "borrowing" it regularly :)"
Sam P.
Winter Wonder
"Perfect combo of leather and pine, a cooling kick with amazing slickness. Highly recommend, manly scent."
Michael M.
Odd but Excellent Seasonal Soap
"First let me begin in saying when most wet shavers think of traditional Winter scents they think of juniper, pine, cedar, and possibly cinnamon, orange, and cloves. One does not usually consider cherries and lemon. After all, this mirrors a Christmas Cookie. Yet, it works! I love using this during the Holiday Season because it makes one feel good and warm, like the Season should. As usual, the performance is excellent with fine cushion, glide, and good moisturizing capabilities. All in all, a new favorite I will be reaching for from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years Day. Well done, Will!"
Dino C.
really fresh and super pine-y
"great great soap with lots of woodsy charm and pine serenity"
Blythe E.
Great Stuff!
"This is a very unique and complex scent, love it. Same great performance as all the other B&M soaps."
Steve O.
It’s almost like a time machine...
"Once upon a time, I would sit on the bathroom vanity and watch as my father would show me how he shaved and splashed his face with an aftershave tonic he called “Christmas Night" while getting ready to begin his day. My first whiff of Barrister & Mann’s Lavanille transported me back to those days over 50 years ago. This Lavanille will definitely be on my top 5 go-to aftershaves."
Richard K.
Great product.
"Product description is accurate. Love the scent and the post shave feel. Excellent product that I will use for a long time."
Aaron F.
B&M - a good vendor
"Item arrived timely, well packed, as represented. Among the various soaps I have tried, B&M Unscented is the best performing tallow soap. A definite re-purchase."
Craig B.
"First Snow is one of my all time favorite offerings from B&M. It's crisp and outdoorsy. Nice menthol kick too, which even though this is a seasonal offering, will probably make this a staple during the warmer months too."
Andrew J.
The monster of the sea!
"I love the leather and coffee notes in Leviathan Splash. This is one of my top scents in my collection a must have."
Kelp B.
A great soap.
"This soap is fantastic, great lather and scent. Smells just like the description."
Marc S.
"Picking my daughter up at the airport, I give her a big hug, " my God you smell good Dad""
Pat P.
Smoove, great glide, great scent
"I'm a tremendous fan of Barrister and Mann soaps. They consistently yield a great creamy lather for shaving. And the scents are wonderful and not derived from chemicals but from essential and fragrance oils. Great stuff. Cologne Russe is a wonderful, traditional scent. My wife loves it. And I love the fact that it yields a close, relaxing shave time after time."
Arleigh H.
Love everything about this scent!
"The best barbershop shave soap in my den. I love everything about this scent and the performance is great, scent strength is perfect and will have your bathroom smelling great all i need now is a matching aftershave hopefully soon in the future."
Joel S.
Great classic scent.
"I am a little biased when it comes to B&M since it is one of my favorite artisan brands and i love every scent will and his team create but this is one of the best bay rums out there and i have tried many. Most bay rums come off with to much clove this one however is just the perfect balance of spices with rum and hints of sweetness just spot on perfect. If you love bay rum or want a classic scent you will not be disappointed."
Joel S.
Great performance and with a great scent.
"I recently got a tub of cologne russe and i just keep going back to the puck just to smell it, it is that good. The glissant performance is perfect, easy to load and will have your razor gliding on your face with ease. The scent reminds me of aqua di parma colonia but with more floral and a hint of sweet notes to it. You really get to appreciate B&M scents, you can tell that there was work put into creating them and not just a simple scent or another aftershave scent, they are always unique and work best for me."
Joel S.
Great Barbershop Scent
"There's a reason this is their top-seller. It pairs well with almost any aftershave. Great performance. Try it."
Jarrod B.
Great soap!
"One of my favorites of B&M, great slickness and the post shave feeling is awsome. Hope you can make the aftershave. Great job B&M !"
Hector P.
Classic scent, new performance standard
"This splash smells great, but does not linger too long, so you can use a different cologne or aftershave for scent. The performance sets a new standard by which other aftershaves will now be measured. It makes my skin feel like I've used a balm - calm, soft, and smooth. There is a little alcohol, but not enough to bother all but the most sensitive. It really does put the fire out when I have razor burn."
Paul T.
Glissant performance with one of the best cologne scents
"I used up my first bottle of Cologne Russe aftershave faster than the soap because I love this scent so much. It makes me feel classy when I wear it, and it easily be my everyday scent if it weren't for other B-M masterpieces like Lavanille and Beaudelaire. The Glissant soap base is easily in my top three formulae in terms of slickness and post shave feel."
My favorite scent
"I have loved Lavanille since it intoxicated my nose the first time I smelled it. I have gone through one tub, and I'm working on my second right now. The scent is so good that I could use it as a signature scent and be very happy."
Paul T.
Very nice winter scent with a little menthol
"This is no face freezer, but the menthol is present and pleasingly refreshing. The scent is fir and leather, which ironically makes it feel warm in a way. The performance is top notch, as with all Glissant based soaps produced by B-M."
Perfect match for the soap - Amazing warm masculine scent
"Lavanille is my favorite scent of all time. I like to wear it in cooler months, but I could easily use it every single day. I have used two bottles, and I'm working on my third. This is an example of the unique kind of scents for which B-M is deservedly famous."
"This is a wonderful scent. It brings a full lather and wonderful post slickness. This will leave your face soft and smooth. This scent is "wife approved.""
Joe J.
The Finest Unscent Soap I've Ever Tried!
"I just finished wet shaving 45 minutes ago and honestly, this is the best soap I've ever had the wonderful opportunity to try in my 8 years of wet shaving. I have a handful of skin allergies and most soaps will trigger some burning or slight redness, so I steer clear of all fragrance oils and lanolin. I like pure, natural, simple ingredients in an unscented option. This is truly an unscented soap - not a hint of anything. This is now my "Desert Island Soap." I will never be without the "Latha" in my den. In fact, I'm sure it is going to be the only soap I'm going to happily use for quite some time come. Above top tier performance in terms of slickness, cushion, protection, and aftershave face feel. Hands down, the best soap I've ever tried. Wow."
Legend T.
The first shaving soap I fell in love with
"...And it is still my favorite! The description really drew me in, but I was unsure if I'd actually like a "dark, leathery" vanilla and lavender scent. But it is so complex and beautiful, and I just loved the darkness, it really opened the door for me to start trying other "out there" scents. Of course, the performance is top-notch, you can't expect anything else from B&M, and that's why the quality scent sets this soap apart. The lather is the right amount of cushiony, slick, and provides a great post-shave feel."
Amanda C.

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