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Excellent performance at a great price
"It's unreal how great of performers all of B&M's Latha line are, and even more so considering how low-cost they are! Latha Original's scent might not have been for me, but it was such a great aftershave, I still kept it around. Now, when Figgy Puddin' was announced, I got so excited. When I got my hands on the bottle, I was not disappointed, B&M have done it again. The green-fruitiness of fig is just the most wonderful smell. I'm not sure if it's specifically Christmas-y (at least not to me), which is nice, since I love it so much, I got a backup bottle to enjoy until next year!"
Amanda C.
Awesome Performance and Scent
"This is my go to shaving soap. The scent is awesome and pairs well with many aftershaves and colognes and the lather performance is second to none. If you are new to Barrister and Mann this soap is a perfect starting point, you will not be disappointed."
An Excellent Non-Alcohol Match to Figgy Puddin' Soap
"This inexpensive aftershave splash contains no-alcohol, and therefore does not create the post-shave burn you get from so many others. Since this is geared for the Christmas season, that's for the best, as this leaves a superior face feel, with no unpleasant drying. As for scent, Figgy Puddin' is fig and oak, which together create an almost sweet pineapple top note. The pineapple smell gets a nice boost from an almost rum-like undercurrent. The scent is very well balanced, with a nice ******, bread smell and preserved fruit underneath - a perfect match for the soap. That said, this splash could easily stand on it's own. For the price, its virtually a no-brainer, provided you like the comforting smell of a fig-like bread pudding - in other words, smelling delicious."
Jayson N.
Easily one of my favorite soaps
"This soap was my first introduction to B&M soaps and it's the reason I'm looking forward to more of the releases this year. Very easy to lather and provides a protective, slick one at that. Combine that with the light citrus scent and you have easily one of my favorite soaps."
Great stuff!
"Takes the red out. Very soothing. Wonderful scent (Classic) that lasts about 30 - 60 minutes, which for me is just right."
David G.
Great Aftershave!
"The aftershave has a great scent and performs very well! The product has a scent that lasts throughout the day!"
Joe B.
"As good as advertised, awesome scent and feel."
John B.
Great Stuff
"Great manly scents!!"
David B.
excellent aftershave
"an amazing aftershave with a very cool finish in a non menthol kind of way. not harsh. not burny. just a damn good aftershave. kudos to b&m for making this one of my favorites!"
Blythe E.
Barrister's Reserve Spice Aftershave
"My new favorite! Great scent that lasts three or four hours. Makes me feel refreshed, awake and ready to take on the day with style."
Tom R.
"love the aftershave. Smells great."
Beth F.
Reserve Spice
"This aftershave is fantastic. Great scent, great face feel. I'm gong to have to try the Classic."
Giovanni V.
My Father in law loves it
"He's thanked me multiple times since Christmas for this gift!"
Robert S.
Excellent aftershave
"I shouldn't have been surprised with Barrister's reserve, but I was blown away by the quality of this product. The scent is incredible, and it soothes and conditions your skin after a close shave like nothing I've ever used before! I will absolutely be purchasing this again."
Tyler J.
Reserve Spice
"This aftershave is very mild and does remind me of the very old days!"
Saved a bad shave
"When this came in the mail, I couldn't wait to give it a try. I had just received a sample of a shaving cream I'd never used so I decided to give that a shot. This was a mistake. After the shave, my face was stinging and I knew my neck would hurt the rest of the day. After I splashed on this aftershave, however, I was amazed that the stinging went away almost immediately. Now, several hours later, my face feels great and I don't have any razor burn. I will certainly be ordering more."
Fantastic aftershave
"The Reserve Cool is amazing. Fresh and clean smelling and leaves my skin feeling great. The methol adds a refreshing kick. Pairs great with First Snow."
Kasey C.
Awesomeness in a bottle
"I got this based off of Will's recommendation and I'm glad I listened. I've never tried anything Old Spice before. To say the least, it is incredible. The smell is classy, refreshing, and has a little kick to it. After I shaved and put this stuff on for the first time it put a smile on my face. It just made my skin feel so comfortable and smooth. Also, it was a big winner with the wifey. I put it on and let her take a whiff and she just smiled and said, "mmmmm." If you haven't tried this yet, JUST DO IT!"
Awesome Stuff
"Wasn't sure what to expect with all the love this product has received, so I tend to be a bit disappointed with new products I try. This is not that product all I can say is wow and thanks because I love this splash. The smell is great and sticks around longer than you think( I have girls tell me at work I smell great and ask what it is). The post shave feel is also amazing if I have a rough shave this is absolutely what I'm reacuingn for!"
Jeremy S.
Top-Notch Splash!
"Like Reserve Classic & Cool the Spice has all the same outstanding soothing, moisturizing & nourishing qualities that are presented in very classy bottle with a great restrictor. The scent is a round, full, vintage OS fragrance that smells peasant upon application, then begins to fad into the background, which is exactly what I want in an aftershave. The whole Reserve line is truly second-to-none in the world of aftershaves!"
Timothy K.
"Wasn't too keen on the scent at first and that may be partly be because I'm young so I never really had those old time barbershop days with my dad because he took me to a salon (criminal, I know) but it definitely grew on me. I use it after almost every shave, the face feel is second to none, and it seems to really help combat irritation and ingrown hairs which is a major plus. I've never had a chance to smell floid blue, but this stuff definitely has an aqua velva type scent to me which I really like. Will definitely be buying the other scents. Thank you!!!!"
Pure Barbershop
"I cannot stress enough how special this scent (Cool) is. It takes me back to the barbershops of my youth. The scent is fresh and subtle and lasts all day."
Amadeo J.
Amazing Face Food
"B&M's line of reserve after shave splashes is loaded with face food goodness and the scents are both complex and long lasting. Everything this outstanding 2-person shop produces is highly recommended."
Brian M.
"Purchased the Spice and Cool recently. Used them a few times and I couldn't say enough good things about them. They are both awesome. The scents will take you back. Awesome job on these Will!!"
Jeremiah G.
Sent not for me but AS is nice
"I am returning because of the sent but I will just be swapping for a new sent. I like the way the AS feels on my face and the sent was even starting to grow on me but not my wife."
Caleb M.
Barrister's reserve classic
"Absolutely wonderful stuff. Great scent and amazing post shave feel. I need to get the spice and cool as well."
Jonathan O.
"Performance, face feel, ingredients and scent.. all top notch. Scent lovers like me, I highly recommend! Lasts long too."
Jun M.
Another Winner!
"First I tried the Reserve Classic, which is excellent. Reserve Cool has all the same outstanding performance qualities (soothing, moisturizing & nourshing), and the scent is also great. Classic��s scent is more subtle & short lived, while Cool��s fragrance is a bit more bold & sporty in an old-school-meets-new-schools way. Plus, the light menthol feels wonderful on the skin. Also, the presentation is second to none from the shape & weight of the bottle, to the great restrictor, to the stylish labels. The whole thing scream class! All around Cool is yet another B&M winner! (...can��t wait to try Reserve Spice)"
Timothy K.
Great stuff
"Really leaves your face feeling hydrated without being oily. Love this stuff and the classic scent is great. Light and very pleasant."
Michael B.
Classy Reserve Classic
"The Barrister's Reserve aftershave splashes are the most healing and nourishing product I've used after my shave and in preparation for my next shave. I don't have too many rough shaves these days, but when I do this juice soothes my skin and makes it heal so fast that I don't need to skip my next shave. With oily skin I love how this splash absorbs quickly leaving my skin soft and supple. No greasiness or tackiness. After receiving my collection of Barrister's Reserve I do not use anything else. The Classic scent is a milder offering making it great for those days you don't want it to interfere or mix with your fragrance of the day."
Brian S.

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