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Spicey Reserve Spice
"The Barrister's Reserve aftershave splashes are the most healing and nourishing product I've used after my shave and in preparation for my next shave. I don't have too many rough shaves these days, but when I do this juice soothes my skin and makes it heal so fast that I don't need to skip my next shave. With oily skin I love how this splash absorbs quickly leaving my skin soft and supple. No greasiness or tackiness. After receiving my collection of Barrister's Reserve I do not use anything else. The Spice scent is a wonderful offering for those days where you want to exude subtle confidence. This scent lasts on me several hours and I have used it solely as my fragrance of the day."
Brian S.
Best aftershave!
"Best performing aftershave I've ever used. Plus, it smells great!"
Paxton G.
The Hype is Real
"Such an awesome scent with unrivaled face soothing properties. So glad I got it. Thanks, Will, for another great product."
Chris S.
Amazing stuff
"I have used quite a few aftershaves but nothing beats Barrister reserve. I was never the type of guy that cared much for aftershaves splashes and I've mostly used balms that really made my skin feeling and looking great aftershave. Barrister reserve beats any balm any lotion. I strongly recommend this stuff."
Ivo K.
"I have rather sensitive skin and this is the first aftershave which left my skin feeling absolutely great after use. There wasn't any burning sensation and the scent is thoroughly enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this aftershave!"
Bill W.
Super awesome!
"Totally lives up to the hype, reserved fragrance - makes my face happy."
David L.
Barrister's Reserve Classic Aftershave Splash
"Great stuff! Great scent. Incredible face feel."
Tim R.
"Best aftershave on the market"
Michael R.
Dead ringer
"I have used the entire line of reserve aftershave from B&M and the cool is my favorite! It is a dead ringer for Floid blue and smells incredible on the face. It has received compliments from those around me every time I splash it on. The healing and face feel post shave is unmatched in artisan aftershave. My face thanks you!"
Chris C.
My favorite of the 3
"I have the 3 reserved aftershaves and they're all top notch. It's hard to choose but I think spice is my favorite. Very masculine. My wife hates all of my AS's besides B&M's. Stuff really heals my skin."
Ryan G.
"Quality aftershave. Doesn't burn my skin, which I like. Scent sticks with me for a while."
Sanjay G.
This aftershave is amazing!
"I absolutely love this aftershave. I didn't get to use it for a couple days, however. So when I did finally get to use it I noticed some of the oils had separated. A simple shake and your good to go! Note that this isn't a complaint at all, I simply didn't notice it and it surprised me. Keep up the good work!"
Barry C.
Worth the hype.
"Great on the skin, not one bit of irritation, really heals the skin, this can only be the work of a wizard!"
Ibrahim z.
Excellent Splash!
"This splash soothes, moisturizes & nourishes the freshly shaven skin on my face & neck without leaving behind any undesirable greasy or tacky residue that some other products guilty of. The scent is unique & pleasant in its own right, but it��s still mild & short-lived enough to wear with a fragrance without having to worry about it clashing. In short, Reserve Classic is an excellent splash, and I��m looking forward the trying the Cool & Spice. Kudos to Will & the rest of the Barrister & Mann team for turning out yet another top shelf shaving product!"
Timothy K.
Magically soothing
"I've never used an aftershave that soothes this well. I apply it immediately after I'm done rinsing off and the sensation is amazing. For half a second, there is a slight hint of a sting from the alcohol, but then immediately the sting disappears. After that your face is refreshed and pain-free. There is no lingering sting, just a great cooling scent and a feeling of healing and refreshment. 'Cool' is my favorite scent of the three, but they're all very nice. Excellent product."
Josh G.
The best aftershave splash on the market!
"These splashes are the best post shave products on the market today. Will work extensively for two years to perfect this formula and it was worth every second. If you are one to rush a shave every now and then or use a blade that just wasn't as sharp out of the package as normal, your skin tends to pay for it by the end of the shave. In comes Barrister's Reserve, packed full of botanicals and skin healing properties that leave your skin feeling replenished, rejuvenated and supple. Once the splash dries down your skin almost has a slickness as if it's a new layer of epidermis. It's truly remarkable. The scent of Classic smells fantastic. Out of the three splashes, I would suggest picking this one up first if you cannot force yourself to buy all three. The packaging is top notch; from the classic, timeless curved rectangular bottle, to the slick, pearlescent labeling it just simply does not get any more classic and professional than this. The orifice reducer really holds the splash in unless you give it a nice shake to receive a few drops. This prevents from wasting excess product and keeping the packaging in mint condition with each use. If you are hesitant with the price tag please note that you do not have to apply much for each use and this bottle should last much longer than your everyday aftershave splash."
Chris C.
One of the best
"Great smelling aftershave but that's my opinion as we all know scent is subjective but..... as far as the post shave feel incredible leaves your skin feeling great but don't take my word for it as many have said the same pick one up for yourself and give it a shot you won't be disappointed ! We all know the Quality barrister and Mann"
"Of the three, this is actually me least favorite. That being said, it is still great. It works great too. I love the feel of my skin after I use it. It feels great. No greasy, oily feeling, no dried out feeling. Just healthy and hydrated. This is a great product."
Matthew S.
Liquid Gold!
"One of the best aftershaves, I've ever used! Your skin just feels hydrated, and any irritation you may have experienced during your shave; is gone! Thanks, Will, for creating amazing products!!!!"
David M.
Awesome sauce
"Great face feel and conditioning, classy scent and packaging is top notch."
Michael M.
Smooth going on and, nice fragrance.
"*Note this is an early days review; long term impressions to follow* Today may have been a lucky day... or I was just exceptionally careful with my Feather AS-D2. In either case BBS and NO sense of skin irritation from the application of B&M's Reserve Classic Splash. That is not usually what has been happening this month while using Tabac's AS Splash. (A product I think of as a bit 'alcohol forward'.) So far so good!"
Christopher P.
Top Notch!
"Cooling and soothing with a great fresh scent. Also very tolerant of balms and moisturizers. Will be purchasing additional scents!"
Mitch H.
Amazing aftershave. Great feel, not
"Amazing aftershave. Great feel, not tacky at all and quickly softens skin. Scents are equally impressive (as always). Glad I got all three!"
Craig D.
"Best on the market for performance and the scent is well crafted. Absolutely excellent"
Brenden L.
Promises good things to come.
"Great smooth lightly viscosity in face feel on application. No alcohol burn. Dry-down feels good. Fragrance is pleasing. Looking forward to seeing the long term results."
Christopher P.
Killer Stuff!!!
"Both aftershaves are unreal! Great scent and wonderful finish. Best I have used!! Will and team have done it again!"
"This is the best stuff ever. If I could rub it all over my body I would. The scent is magical and it left my skin feeling great. There is the slightest burn just like I like it."
Dylan E.
"Great face feel, feel the conditioning almost immediately and lasts for hours. Excellent job."
Michael M.

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