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William T.
"All their products are great!"
Burton M.
"Barrister & Mann is a true 5 star company. Everything from the products to the customer service and even website have always been to the highest standard. There's a reason I've been a loyal customer for 4 years. Keep up the excellent work!"
Brandon G.
"All these soaps and splashes are top tier. Even if you dont like the scents, the performance will make you happy"
Justin J.
"B&M is wonderful. Awesome, user-friendly website, wonderful products and responsive and attentive customer service. Couldn’t ask for more."
Elias D.
"Very good leather and very slick .It has a good cushion and offers a comfortable shave !"
Dorel R.
"The shipping was fast and the product is amazing. I'll leave some reviews on the products on the website."
Bhaskar G.
"Excellent company"
Adam S.
"Not only great products, fast shipping, but a handwritten thank you!"
Joshua K.
"Website is very easy to navigate and easy to find what you are looking for, including dates of upcoming releases. Additionally, I have had superior experiences with customer service / special requests (for example, combining orders to save shipping expenses and given credit for lower bundle pricing when AS became available again later in the day that I had placed order for soap). Very prompt responses. Nothing but superior service on all my orders!"
Vance M.
"Easy to lather, slick texture, and with a warm and pleasing full Spice scent. Just what this ole man ordered. B & M, you are a credit to the wet shaver's of this world."
Arnold M.
"First rate."
Dennis O.
"On the handful of occasions I've approached B&M asking for help or information, I've received swift, helpful, friendly responses. The website's a pleasure to use and the overall service (speed of dispatch, quality of products etc.) is superb. I'm very keen on this brand."
Martin M.
"After placing a few orders with Barrister & Mann, I can only say that this is a great company with people that really care about the products and the customers. You get the feeling that they really hope you enjoy using the products as much as they seem to enjoy making them. Of course, the products themselves are superb. Everything about them screams, "made with quality and pride." I'm looking forward to a lengthy dependency on B&M for my shaving needs!"
Andrew S.
"When I first got into wet shaving I emailed Will some basic questions. He was very responsive and helpful. Will even suggested I not purchase certain soaps based on my scent preferences. His advice was dead on. How many retailers will tell you NOT to buy their product when it is the right advice? Not many. As far as the nuts and bolts are concerned, all of the orders are sent to me fast and packaged/presented very well."
Darren C.
"I met Will at a popup market, and bought the spice shaving soap. It immediately brought back scent memories of being a little kid playing around with my dad's shaving kit. I ordered some cologne to go with it, and it shipped right away. Will was super helpful, products are great, and it's surprisingly affordable!"
Frederick H.
"Only critiques - your emails at times recommend products I've either already purchased directly from your site or products that are currently out of stock. Nitpicky. You also send me the same samples every time, but this is a ridiculous criticism as you don't have to include them at all. Thanks for all if the great products! My den is 90% B&M."
Joseph B.
"Nothing short of amazing. All of Will's creations preform....the real question is what scent is your happy place."
Scott G.
"Recently made my first purchase with B&M and I was not let down. The quality of the products are hard to beat. Seville is my new favorite soap!"
Nick P.
"Fantastic customer service and exceptional products! Items shipped are always carefully packed, and the little surprises are always nice."
Benjamin S.
"Amazing stuff! Cannot wait to purchase more!"
Michael M.
"Excellent Service and top notch shaving products!"
Alexander G.
"I began wet shaving four months ago. Tried several razors and soaps/aftershaves. Given my oily and very sensitive skin along with very coarse facial hair, did not have much luck. Then I decided to do some research and stumbled upon B&M and Timeless Razor. Will is nothing short of master of scents! The soaps and aftershaves are truly terrific, and sacred to me. Needless to say, I have purchased a large amount of Will's masterful work since. In conclusion, go to the best and you're done! My sincere gratitude to Will, Paula and staff."
Anthony P.
"Excellent product as always"
Briemir R.
"All of my experiences with B&M the company, their website, and products. They have an easy to use website and their shave soaps are among the best I have used."
John T.
"I enjoy all the soaps From Barrister and Mann and the scents are so unique that's the biggest think I Enjoy about Barrister and Mann the scents push the envelope and are truly unique in a class of their own top notch in my book performance is always outstanding, thanks Will."
Mike L.
"Fast easy to navigate."
Alan T.
"B&M soaps are my absolute favorite. I own and enjoy soaps from the Latha, Glissant, and Reserve lines, and find all of them to be such a pleasure to use. I've used quite a few different soaps from different makers over the years, and my absolute #1 favorite is Le Grande Chypre soap and aftershave by B&M. The new Reserve Lavender is a very close second, to me. They just blow me away. I recently purchased some goodies directly from B&M, instead of through a vendor, and I was completely astounded by the package I received. Every single piece was individually wrapped, clean paper, taped closed, thick packaging materials, professional looking packaging job, etc. Every single thing about it just oozed with quality and pride in workmanship. It's been a long time since I've seen that kind of effort made for something as "simple" as soap. It's the attention to detail that makes a difference between pedestrian and first-class, and B&M nails the details."
Glenn W.
"Thus websites knows how to make me get that free shipping with ease. Make sure you take advantage of the bundle option. I'll GLADLY be visiting again for those Christmas scents coming out soon."
Nicholas F.
"My experience with Barrister and Mann has been without exception, awesome. Great scents and performance. Customer support is fantastic as well, AND I find yummy random sweets in my shipping packages. I recommend them highly."
Joey S.

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