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Vespers is christmas
"This smells great and also feels great post shave"
Jason W.
"Smell super. advise to purchase"
Konstantin P.
Seville shaving soap
"I have used Seville for quite a while. This purchase is a Christmas gift for my son. He has been double edge shaving for one year and I wanted him to shave with one of the best soaps I have ever used."
Andrew R.
Wonderful Fragrance
"Got a sample of this for my wife a few months back. She loved it and kept going on about how it’s such a well developed and unique fragrance. I love the way it smells as well so i bought the full size!"
Derrick R.
A Must have
"This soap along with all other B&M shaving soaps are in my opinion at the very top of the market. The scent is pleasant and somewhat sophisticated,a lot of scent notes float around. This is my 2nd tub of this scent. "
Adam V.
Great soap. Great smell!
"Soap lathers outstanding. And the smell is awesome. You can get the barbershop scents in there but with an extra bonus of scents. Definitely recommend this to your collection!!!!!"
Carl O.
My favorite!!!
"I really love this scent. I don't think I've smelled anything like it before and it is incredibly complex. There are many notes that stand out, and it shifts throughout the day. I really wish they had continued the shave soap and aftershave of this fantastic scent."
Matthew K.
"I bought this product for my boyfriend and it came beautifully packaged and smells great! Highly recommend. "
Brenna B.
One of my favorite soaps
"Seville was always my favorite Barrister & Mann shaving soap. But Cheshire is right up there with Seville. I don’t drink tea, so I don’t really know what Earl Grey tea smells like, but I’m told it smells similar. All I know is it has a nice lemony smell with some other earthy notes. And I like that the scent is subtle. My wife doesn’t like strong scents. It performs really well just like all B&M soaps. This is definitely a favorite. "
Geoff S.
Simply the Best
"From packaging, to scent, to performance, the Reserve base is simply the best there is. Well done, B&M!"
A Seasonal Delight!
"I LOVE this Scent! Will is a Master at creating Scents, and this one is an instant Classic for me. It is definitely a cold weather scent for me, as was intended. It opens with Cranberry to my nose, then quickly gets into Fougere accord. I do detect just the hint of Mousse De Sax, wonderful scent! Be sure to pair it with the Amazing new Soap Base in matching scent, as well as the EdT for all Day enjoyment. This one is not to be missed!"
Hunter H.
Smells like Christmas!
"I love this stuff. The formula is fantastic and this scent reminds me of Christmas. There is a distinct evergreen tree note that is balanced with a bunch of other Christmas magic to smell awesome. It isn’t just an evergreen note though. Don’t picture Tommyboy and the car deodorizer, this is a sophisticated and complex scent that is amazing. "
Matthew S.
Great new scent
"Got sample of soap when I bought hallows and instantly loved it. Had to pick up a tub and the aftershave once they released. Highly recommend."
Joel Jauregui
Great new base
"The new excelsior base is great! Lathers up nicely and very slick. Vespers scent off the puck wasn't too pleasing to me, but once I lathered it it really opened up to the various scents notes."
Joel Jauregui
Great performance even better scent
"First of the reserve line that I have tried and quite impressed. The scent is my absolute favorite so far of any soap I've tried!"
Joel J.
Dope Soap
"So when I started wet shaving, I didn't know where to start really, tried a few brands and the happen to land on Barrister and Mann. The single dopest soap i have ever tried. And this, this is by far their best iteration of their already wonderful base. Such a slick shave and rich, firm lather. Zero irritation, and my face is smooth, hydrated, and still smells great, even after a full day on the heat and stank of the kitchen. I literally recommend B and M to all who shave. Sorry this is long, but I have yet to get to the scent yet. And it is amazing, perfect for winter and has a certain smells like home during the holiday season. Sweets, and spiced breads, Smokey, woody, with a hint of leathery musk. Dark and mysterious as much as it is bright, open and friendly. If I could give it six stars i would. "
Joe D
Clean scent and so much protection!
"This is my first B&M soap and it was hands down the best shave experience for me so far. Slickness and protection of the reserve line is unreal. I usually have to wait 3 days min to shave or I get weepers. Not this soap. After 1 day it was good to go. The scent is classic clean masculine suitable for work especially once the aftershave dries. I have never used Floid but that is supposedly what it is styled after. Very happy."
Christopher S.
Excellent Holiday Soap
"This is an excellent soap with a great new base. The scent is reminiscent of any holiday market and provides a great slickness, making it a go to for the season. A new favorite!"
Awesome products and great service
"I don't personally use it, bought it for my boyfriend and he loved it. He likes the lather it produces and the scent is amazing, I love it too!! He smells great! The customer service was also amazing, they are really caring in order to help me find my package or re send it - even when I read their response a month after the package had been stolen/lost. They resent it and my boyfriend now received his gift. I buy him one every year and this one did not disappoint, just like the others haven't either. Thank you guys! "
Diana M.
Totally Worthy
"I have been a fan of Barrister and Mann ever since I discovered the tribute Mr. Carius gave to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy about 3 or 4 years ago with his popular 42. Since then I have been a regular user of his many soaps including Barrister and Mann’s Classic line of soaps and aftershaves. The quandary I have every morning is which one will I shave with that day. Cheshire shaving soap by Barrister and Mann is one of my favorites after trying most of the other, soaps, gels and creams going on 50 years. I have no doubt you will be quite satisfied by putting this product in your rotation. "
Richard K.
Vespers (and Excelsior) Is Tops
"I’ve grown to like B&M classic and reserve soaps. Consistent lather, unique scents. However, each had very slight detractors - skin drying tendencies, smaller lathers, etc. Nothing horrible, just there. Having spent a week with the Excelsior based Vespers, I can say perfection has been reached. Big, thicker lather. Moisturizing before and after the shave. A post shave feel of a protective layer on the skin, that lasts all day. Add a seasonal scent that matches the holiday season perfectly, and you’ve got the complete package. "
Jason E.
Vespers Shaving Soap
"25 second load on a damp synthetic brush transformed with ease into one of the slickest, most luxurious shaving lathers I have experienced. The cushion is outstanding. The scent is difficult for me to pin down but I can tell you my wife loves it. I can't wait for this new Excelsior soap base to make its way to new Barrister and Mann offerings. "
Robert A.
Dark, evolving, smooth
"Opens with soil and damp ashes, and transforms over the next hours into a bouquet of dead flowers by a grave in the forest. Absolutely gorgeous, with exceptional longevity and projection. Masterfully balanced, with all the notes painting a picture greater than just the sum of the parts. In contrast to the ashy opening, the drydown is warm, bucolic, and gorgeously inviting. My skin tends to "eat up" many fragrances, but I get 8 to 10 hours from this easily. Fougere Gothique never fails to inspire an "Mm, you smell good," from my SO. I hope this masterpiece stays in production forever, as I plan to always have it on hand. This is my favorite fragrance of all time, and when my second bottle runs out, I will buy it again. Or trade, wheedle, barter or beg to acquire some. It's that good."
Scott E
First time B&M (and artisan soap) user
"I love the fall and winter months and this scent captures both. There's a smoky base to it, but it's so much more than that, with bright notes as well to compliment the depth of the smoky base. I really like this soap. And stepping up to an artisan soap after shaving with Proraso and Taylor of Old Bond Street for the first few years of wet shaving is fantastic. Can't say enough good things about Will and the team at B&M not only for a great product (function and scent are on point), but also for the customer service. In my order I received some aftershave samples and those were incredible as well. Any question I've had has been answered quickly. This isn't just a review for Nocturne, but for B&M, of whom I will be a lifelong fan."
Rico M.
Seasonal goodness
"This is a really nice fragrance. I have received several compliments on this fragrance since i’ve started wearing this. It is perfect for the holidays or simply cold weather. I’m very happy with the purchase."
Eamonn K.
Another winning product
"Once again Will has produced a fantastic scent to make the season brighter. The performance is top notched. It’s very slick and post shave feel is fantastic. I am very happy and my wife loves the scent. Winning "
Timothy W.
"wonderful scent that fits with the soap perfectly and is just the right intensity. It's truly the perfect holiday aftershave."
Nathan Keech
"I just finished my second shave with this soap and it's truly wonderful, once again the B&M has really exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to enjoying this soap through the rest of the holiday season."
Nathan Keech
"Absolutely love this scent. Smells like Christmas without smelling like a yankee candle. Complex, understated scents that last most of the day but does not project into the room, but good for your significant other to snuggle up to. New soap base is slick enough for a straight and cushioned enough for a DE. Falls somewhere between the reserve and the regular soap base IMHO. If you like B and M buy this soap you won’t be disappointed. "
Chad P.
"Phenomenal product, right there with the very best! The scent is addictive and the shaving experience was excellent. In my opinion, a step forward from the Glissant base. Well done!"
Razvan H.

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