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"The website is a lot more attractive and functional now than it used to be, and I like the multiple ways to sort the products. Two things that could be added: 1) I miss the old "ingredients" page. Now that the base formulas have gotten very complex, understanding and appreciating what makes B&M products different from each other and competitors has gotten more important. The old ingredients page was a great resource for doing this. 2) There is not a lot of content to lure viewers in if they are not buying anything, Sharpologist (as an example) creates an "articles / links we like" page where site visitors can see pieces that the editor liked at other sites / blogs etc. A mix of this plus your own occasional created content (e.g. frag reviews, history of perfume, etc) would make the site more of a destination for those who did not necessarily plan to buy a product on any given day,"
Craig K.
"I had been eagerly awaiting the glissant release and packaging changeover for Cheshire soap. I ordered when the new product went live on Friday 9/22 and received my package on Monday 9/25... in Arizona! Cross-country shipping over a weekend for shaving soap and aftershave? I'll take it! B&M continues to impress me with their products and service."
Jason M.
"I have nothing but praise for Barrister and Mann. They have some of the best performing and smelling products in the industry, all at reasonable prices. Their shipping is always fast, and everything comes well-wrapped. Their customer service is second-to-none."
Todd C.
"Excellent products and service!"
Thomas H.
"B&M has the marketing props of a company ten times its size, and delivers a satisfactory and engaging customer experience. The brand communicates its message well, differentiates its internal lines carefully, and is an innovator in graphic and package design. Customer service is excellent and responsive, though perhaps a tad less personal than it used to be, but given the brand's growth and small staff, this is understandable. I think B&M goes the extra mile to service its customers, and is tolerant of even fairly unreasonable demands, or at least those which do not involve vetiver... My one suggestion: the website and brand packaging should be more bold in announcing the benefits of the ingredients used. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, a company that innovates and uses excellent quality ingredients should not hesitate in announcing the (alleged) benefits of the base ingredients."
Craig K.
"Ordering directly from Will has always been a pleasure. The website is easy to navigate. I also appreciate that Will personally responds to e-mails quickly!"
Chris I.
"As usual the performance and scent of this soap is spectacular. Will is a true artist."
Andrew L.
"I have several different soaps and like them all. The scents are great and I always look forward to using them. Customer service has been terrific!"
Mark W.
"Will and Paula and there team are Fabulous. I love that they have a schedule and advise when products come out . All the products are top notch. Customer service is top notch also. All my questions are answered within the same day. I am a big fan of B &M"
Vinnie O.
"I've never had an issue with the performance or service provided by B&M and am happy to report they've never left my top three since I started using them. Quick to ship, free samples included and there's usually treats to boot. Couldn't ask for more!"
Nicholas F.
"The products are first rate from a performance standpoint. Customer service is outstanding with a generous sample thrown in with my order."
Abner F.
"Overall very impressed with this company. Their tallow-based soaps are top notch. My all-time favorite is Taiga. Smells like Christmas. Easy ordering, fast shipping and free samples. Hard to beat."
Nathan B.
"Great products and fair priced shipping"
Tyler F.
"This shave soap with all its refined scent and cushiony lather is amazing couple that with a slickness that is rare in the industry and you have a new top performer - do not hesitate to try this!!!!!!"
Michael E.
"Their soaps & splashes are always top notch and my favorites in my shave den. However the thing that I am always blown away by is their customer service. Super quick to messages and they always go the extra mile to make things right for their customers. You guys have a customer for life in Me :)"
Joshua D.
"Wow, these soaps rock my damn socks. 101% definitely ordering here again"
Kyle F.
"I was hooked after the first shave. The soap works as well as the name implies and the scent is clean and refreshing. The aftershave finishes the whole routine with finesse and leaves you with its intoxicating scent until lunch-time-ish. Definitely a buy!"
Patrick C.
"I've used a lot of soaps (and creams) from a lot of different makers. I have more on-hand than I can reasonably use in the next 5 years, if I'm being honest. One brand that I always, always, always keep in my supply closet is B&M. One of only a couple brands that I buy/keep multiple tubs of. Latha, Reserve, Glissant, I love them all. Le Grand Chypre is my favorite soap out of everything I've ever tried (from any brand) and as long as B&M keeps making it, I'll keep buying it. I am always interested in the scents from B&M, as well. Bold and interesting."
Glenn W.
"RE: Spice, Classic Reserve, and Seville Phenomenal-- simultaneously sudsy and gentle. Perfect cushion, beyond perfect scents."
Matthew R.
"Ordered samples of the entire Reserve line, but only received a partial order. I contacted B&M and they were extremely helpful and got the remainder of the order out to me the same day (with a complimentary aftershave sample in addition!). Top notch customer service, and the products are first-rate. I can't say enough good things about Barrister and Mann! Will be ordering many products from them in the near future."
Chadwick N.
"Arguably the best shaving soap beans around right now"
Charles F.
"Two thumbs up!!"
Annette G.
"By far the best soaps that I have ever used, and the feedback and care for the community that the owner has is second to none."
Robert C.
"An outstanding performer. Easy to lather, good cushioning and very good after shave feel. Love the scent. It's sweet but not citrisy sweet. Kind of similar to TOBS sandalwood but perhaps a bit earthier."
Bob W.
"I bought the set and have not been disappointed. The soap base, in my opinion, is second to none and the scent is put together perfectly."
John H.
"This soap has a very unique smell but I like it a lot. The soap also has a cool feel to it and the aftershave also has a very cool feel. The soap lathers up great. This is my first barrister and mann soap and its easily in my top 3, I look forward to buying more."
robert c.
"Absolutely top- notch scent. Still can't decide whether seville or latha oceana is my favorite, though!"
Joshua B.
"Seriously B&M is the best. Best performing soaps, best performing aftershaves, and the best customer service. Will himself helped me decide on a soap to complete my order and I couldn't be happier with all my choices. Every line he produces is fantastic. The reserve base is top notch, the glissant base is awesome, and the Latha line will blow you away at that price point. I can't say enough good stuff about Barrister and Mann and it is my favorite shaving product. I can't reccomend it enough!"
Joey P.
"The first time I purchased a product was in New York in the Catskills at the Round Barn. I went home and tried the shaving bar.. which back then was much much smaller than my recent purchase. I loved it instantly. I ended up ordering more for my boyfriend years ago and it lasted so long. He too was highly impressed. He is a shaving fanatic and fell in love instantly. This past July I order more shave lather and some of the aftershaves for him as a birthday gift. The wrapping and presentation they mailed it in was on point! Perfect presentation!! He has loved everything he has tried from this company. I would recommend them to anyone. They have great quality and we are very satisfied customers!"
Samantha M.
"Reserve spice capitivates the timeless memory of falling asleep on grand fathers chest. It is a must buy."
Frank R.

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