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Amazing scent!
"Do you like aquatic scents? Do you like fougeres? Do you remember Gillette Wild Rain from the 90s? If so, this scent is for you! This scent is beautifully blended, a fresh, clean, and masculine scent. Scent is detectable, but light enough to match with any cologne. Perfect for all year round, and a perfect scent for when you don't know what to use and want something neutral and non offensive."
Gerardo J.
Awesome Sauce!
"Everything you love about Hallows - but better, stronger, faster. Okay, maybe not faster."
Michael H.
Different than the shaving soap
"I very much like the scent of the Fougere Gothique, but feel that I should comment because it is a different scent than the shaving soap. One of the things that I very much liked about the shaving soap was the outdoorsy scent of mushroom and wet leaves, but instead of that this scent has more of a sweet, perfumy scent. which my girlfriend likes this better, and that is worth something, but people who are looking for a match may be disappointed. Also of note is that the spray nosell is not removable, so pouring the scent into another vessel is not possible. I would be interested in having the ability to purchase a refill of this in the future without all the (very nice) packaging."
Romney B.
Hallows is a great fall scent
"As usual, I was impressed by the quality of the aftershave. I'm a huge fan of the product. All of B&M's products are my favorite for the skin care quality. Scent-wise, this doesn't project very strongly, but I do catch whiffs of it pretty much all day. If I try to describe it, I think of decaying earth, leaves, wood/grass, dark incense notes, dark/bitter cocoa, and maybe even a whiff of burnt ozone? Of course this sounds like nothing you'd want spread across your face, yet this scent just works. It's undeniably masculine without being yet another whiskey/leather/tobacco scent."
Glenn W.
"I bought Hallows after trying to get my hands on it for over a year. The scent didn’t disappoint and performance is outstanding like anything from B&M! "
Dustin G.
Cheshire Shaving Soap-Smooth
"Cheshire is classic Barrister and Mann. Scent is unique and pleasant. The lather is rich and thick, with pleasing slickness. The soap itself stands up even in a steamy shower without becoming diluted. My favorite feature is that the soap yields a thick, glistening lather rather than one that is airy or insubstantial. That sets it apart - not only from national brands, but even other artisan brands. No wonder I have stuck with B&M since my first use."
Mazyar H.
"This review is for the (Waves) sample that I received from my last order of Seville shaving soap (an excellent scent as well). I have been completely captivated by this scent from the time I first opened the sample jar. What is that scent? Obviously, this was an (aquatic) scent given the name, I could smell light citrus and lavender combinations but, there is a lot more going on. Will, verifies lavender, geranium and bergamot in his description with the addition of sea scents??? Alas, with my limited olfactory skills, I can only say that there is a comforting and masculine scent in the dry down that really caps off this amazing scent for me. If anyone can bring more detail of this scent to light, I know I would appreciate it. Outstanding!"
Nels Graham
"Vespers is everything I imagined it would be and more. The scent takes me back to my childhood at my Grandparents home during Thanksgiving & Christmas. The new soap base performs like no soap I have ever tried, leaving my BBS well hydrated post shave. Keep up the great work Will. "
Jim Tucker
Excellent as always
"Excellent shave soap. I previously used Seville and loved that traditional barbershop scent but I love Cheshire so much more. I love the subtle Earl grey tea smell and it lathers up fantastically "
Hayden H.
"This is my first experience with Barrister and Mann soaps. I must say the product is excellent. It lathers very well in my hard tap water, and does a great job of protecting during the shave. I personally like the fragrance, and I especially like that the scent goes away soon after shaving. I have no problem highly recommending this shave soap."
John S.
First time purchase
"This shit is rad first off. With only a year into my wetshaving hobby I had only used one other company’s product (oddly enough the other company has a very similar logo and is also from New York) and felt the need to branch out. They did not disappoint and what better way to put a company to the test then buying their seasonal product. So I did. I did not buy the splash but once I used the soap I wished I had, the scent is exactly what it describes. It is cold in essence which I didn’t know was a thing that could be done. The notes hit you on a nostalgic level, bringing me back into childhood and adolescence. A cold bite in the night while trick or treating. It also brought back those feeling and memories of sneaking out of the house and knowing I shouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing. Get it, you won’t regret it. "
Keven K.
Barrister & Mann again proves they are the best!
"“Vespers” is one of the most beautiful things I have ever smelled. I will be hard pressed to use any other soap through the holiday season. With the new Excelsior base, Will has set the performance bar so high that it is hard to imagine anything better. "
Tom M.
Always phantasmic!
"I only wish it weren't being retired. One of my favorite scents of all time."
Edward G.
Smells Great
"This aftershave smells great. I've used it a few times and it seems to last well for most of the day giving a rich coffee and leather scent."
Gregory P.
Just buy it
"I’ve tried many soaps and aftershaves and nothing yet can come close to the combination the B&M Reserve line gives me. I do personally like this scent a lot but even if I didn’t quite care for the scent I’d still use it for the prosperities. I’ve used countless aftershaves over the years and while there are scents I enjoy more nothing can even come close to how great my face feels after using this. The soap is good enough at times you don’t even need an aftershave but rest assured if you have a rough shave nothing will cool your face down like the Reserve line. Also the Lavender is wonderful too. I took a shot in the dark with that and wow was I surprised how wonderful the scent was with it. Keep up the good work guys. "
Jason K
Not sure if it gets any better than this.
"As the title says I’m not sure if it gets any better than this soap and if something better is out there I’ve yet to find it. Some will say since it’s a few dollars more than some of the other artisan brand out there it’s not worth the extra few dollars however to me I’m all in. This stuff is super easy to lather even in my hard water and the slickness and post shave feel are just top notch. I have what I’d call somewhat sensative skin and with the right blade and razor combo if I wanted I could skip the aftershave or balm if I wanted to. I don’t skip the aftershave though because I love this scent and paired it with the B&M cool splash. All I know is if it’s not broke don’t fix it so I think I’ll be sticking with the B&M reserve line for a long time to come."
Jason K
Love this aftershave
"This is my go to holiday aftershave, there's a nice warmth that lingers around my neck after application, spices and citrus mingle together to create a perfect blend. Lasts forever too, just as strong as an EdT on my skin."
Eric Ferguson
Cold, dark and haunting
"Love this fragrance once the weather is turning. It's warm and smoky with a cold metallic tinge - sillage and longevity are superb. "
Eric Ferguson
"Splash on the face brings back fall scent."
"It is a very good soap to use very slick, lots of cushion and protection. The scent is wonderful, citrusy and warm. I totally love it. I would recommend this soap to anyone who is new and old to wetshaving. "
Mike Sandiego
"Love the soap and the splash . They compliment each other very well. I plan on purchasing all of the soaps in the reserve line ! I was a cream man until I found these soaps. Great job Will!!"
Spice Soap and Splash
"I have a hard time describing scents but this one was citrus to me and I enjoy the smell and performance of this soap, it is a keeper, I will definitely purchase again. Awesome service aswell, shipping etc."
Jairo M.
Good brush
"Feels good in the hand. Nice sturdy construction, streets ahead of my old synthetic brush with a tiny handle. The bristles are soft and comfortable and the brush does a great job at lathering the soap. Very happy with this brush."
Good soap
"Smells good and lathers well. What more can you ask of a soap?"
Chris P.
Now my favorite
"Having used both the Reserve Cool Shaving Soap and Aftershave, I had to try the Cologne. I am so glad I did. It has that wonderful cool scent minus the slight menthol of the aftershave. It is not overpowering but lasts a long time. I will buy again! I have a large collection of soaps and aftershaves, but all I reach for in the mornings is Barrister & Mann. I can’t bear using inferior products anymore."
David D.
"Smells identical to the shaving soap that shares its name! Strength is a 7 Longevity is a 4 Dry down is straight forward with no surprises. Excellent cologne for a good price. And it win conflict with your aftershave either! "
Joseph P.
Fern/Lavender shave soap sample.
"Great scent and superb performance. The reserve soaps love their water. Soap provides great slickness and works well with sensitive skin. I will be buying the full size when the samples are gone. Also can’t wait for the new Waves scent."
Austin W.
Great gift for a great guy
"Fast service, bought this for the love of my life. He enjoyed it, my manny deserved it"
Marissa B.
Summer Smells
"The scent takes one back to warmer times and makes getting out of bed easier as the sky turns grey and bright leaves turn to piles of snow. "
Keith K.
Awesome Samples
"Just the fact this company provides samples to try makes me want to support them. The samples allowed me to pick my favorite and I became a repeat customer. "
Jacob S.

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