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Great Scent, Typical Amazing Performance
"Everything about B&M soaps are great. This is fast becoming one of my favorite scents."
Stephen P.
"I love it. Highly recommend."
Eric M.
Barrister and Mann Where Have You Been?
"I purchased the Seville AS from another site on a whim. Loved the scent so much I came here for the soap. I used it for the first time today and I gotta ask, Barrister and Mann where have you been all my life? The shave was absolutely amazing! Loaded my badger brush for like 10 seconds and went to the lather bowl with a bit of water. The lather exploded and so did the scent! The blade was gliding across my skin like I’ve never felt before. Super smooth 4 pass shave with no irritation! B&M you’ve won my business as a loyal customer!"
Colonel B
Great and Consistent Aftershave
"This aftershave is consistent with their other aftershave splashes. Tones, smells great, feels great on the skin with out drying. It does a great job and didn't give me any problems I typically have with other Bay Rums. This is another scent that would go great in a pomade!"
Andrew Purchase
Nice Smell
"This is a great soap. Like all the other Barrister and Mann products, it performs amazingly, easy to lather, great cushion, superb slickness. I was a little nervous to try this soap and aftershave combination as almost all the Bay Rums I have tried burn my face for several hours, and turn the skin red. I have had no problems with any of their other products so I decided to buy this when I saw the email they had finally released it again. I received it yesterday and shaved with it this morning! I like the scent, a little bit different from Bay Rums I have tried in the past, I like this scent a lot. I also go no irritation, no redness, no burning. Great scent and great soap as is consistent in pretty much every product of theirs that I have tried thus far. I don't even bother buying samples of their products anymore, because I'm 99% sure that I will love them. Hats of to you all at Barrister and Mann once again!"
andrew purchase
This was an amazing experience
"Loved the scent on this one. At first I was skeptical of how different and strong it was when I purchased a sample. Decided ti give it a shot and boy... I am so glad I did. It comes off as a very masculine, tart-citrusy scent that works great. Actually reminds me a little of a fresh summer beer for some reason. Not only did my wife love it but my 3 year old daughter loved the scent on me as well, so this is a keeper for me. Decided to purchase a full set and this will be a staple in my spring/summer/fall rotation."
Juan B.
The whatsis
"Great soap! Lather's quickly and great sickness. Really enjoying it"
What a Lather and Scent!
"This experience has been beyond my expectations! The lather is phenomenal, the glide is extraordinary due to the slickness of the product! The scent lasts all day long leaving my face with a fabulous soft close finish! BBS...for sure! I recommend it and I am enjoying BEHOLD THE WHATSIS! "
Rene B.
Great performance and scent!
"Another excellent performer from Barrister and Mann. Although not my absolute favorite scent, the splash itself performs quite well. "
Daniel F.
What a nice birthday present
"A number of good things going on with this soap - Limited edition that smells of grape fuit and rose and then again.....not. Much more reminded me of that citrus nutty goodness known as princess extract that is used in baking (this is why your bakery bought cookies and cakes taste so much different that the ones you make at home). Not heavy but nice up close. Besides a great scent you have some great art on the product AND you are helping child literacy. A win all around! "
Brian K.
The gift that keeps giving.
"Enamored with gift. I even gave Reserve Lavender to a soft water shaver that raved about the performance."
Robert R.
Smells Awesome
"Love it. Best B&M product I've tried so far."
Karan S.
"I have several soaps from B&M...and love the slick Cushiony experience. Behold! does not disappoint and smells exactly as described. The second pass provided a cooling sensation that was so nice! This is my new Friday soap!!"
William s.
Great Pomade
"These pomades are great. I recently reviewed the spice scented one basically the pomades all smell like the matching soap and aftershave in that particular scent. It gives a great all day hold, and washes out pretty easily with just shampoo. The only downside so far to these pomades that I have found thus far is that they are only scented with the reserve product line. I would love to see this pomade in the seville or Cheshire scents as well. At any rate they perform well, don't clog pores, and are a great everyday alternative to some of the other competitors on the market, and the scents all match perfectly with their respective scented soaps. 6 out of 5 stars!!"
andrew purchase
Barbershop realness
"I was already a huge fan of the crisp scent, but now that the cute-yet-impractical blue coloration has been ditched, this is even better. "
Martin M.
Great soap.
"Scent of this soap is Spring-like. Reminds me of opening a fresh pack of good quality bubblegum. Being a Excelsior base, its thirsty in a good way. Soap doesn't dry out when being used."
great scent
"It goes well with soap. It very Spring-like. Soap & aftershave remind me of fresh good quality bubblegum."
This is AMAZING!
"Finally got a soap from B&M and this is my first soap from Will and I have to say it's amazing. I recently started looking at wet shaving products this year in 2019 and didn't know anything about it when I started buying everything from Maggard Razors. I skipped out on B&M when I did a mass order but now I'm glad I decided to try it again, and what's more I started out with this limited Edition scent. I have to say, the rose and grapefruit is unique and the base is much better than I expected, well the other samples I got smell good too but this is unique. I was on the fence of whether I should have kept membership for the Shaving Club (with their exclusives) or become a loyal follower of B&M (since I'd say the two brands are comparable with their releases, seasonal and limited editions) and I have to say that this soap, the packaging and the willingness of Will to help where he can through email make the choice obvious. I can only use so much shaving soap and after shave in a year after all. Thanks for the shaving product. I'll be buying more."
Excellent soap and aftershave!
"Awesome glide, cushion, and scent!!! Wish this wasn’t a limited soap and aftershave. Also would love an EDT!"
Levi B.
It’s liquid and it smells
"Who knew liquid could smell so good! "
Randy B.
"Fantastic experience from beginning to end."
Chad M.
A Great Find
"I have always had a time consuming routine of preparing my beard for shaving that included hot towels or soaping my beard. After learning to lather the Saville Shaving Soap, I discovered the rich Saville lather softened my beard better than any other pre-shave preparation. I could not believe how easy and comfortable my shave was. Seville Shaving Soap creates the slickest, densest lather in my shaving experience. Using B&M shaving soaps has raised my morning shave to an enjoyable level producing the closest shaves I have experienced. Splashing on Seville Aftershave is a refreshing finish to a great shave. Thanks Will for a great shaving product. James B"
James B
Awesome Aftershave
"This is a great compliment to the soap. When you just want something different. Refreshing spring like scent that is just a pleasant overall experience. "
Daniel O.
Great match to the soap
"Cooling, same scent as the soap. Absolutely superb product, and I am glad to have purchased it."
Andrew Purchase
Nice Pomade
"This pomade does a great job, and it smells like the matching shave soap and after shave. It has a firm hold, and keeps my hair in place. I wish that they extended the pomade to some of their other products, and I wish I could buy a 4 oz tub of it I have gone through 2 already, but overall it works great. My son is 3 and absolutely loves it as well. Asks me for some every morning. All in all great product."
Andrew Purchase
Nice Soap
"I was a little skeptical at first from the description, but the scent is actually very nice. Additionally this is a different soap base than the other products that I have. It is very slick and smooth, it stands up to hard water very well, and it leaves an amazing post shave feel. Add the matching aftershave, and you've just started a great day!!!"
Andrew Purchase
Truffula trees
"I love this aftershave. Truly. It definitely has an air of truffula trees mixed with the fragrance of Mt Crumpet as the morning sun shines on it. It is a lightly sweet fragrance but not overpowering and it has great before and after notes I like it. I would wear it in a box, with a fox...."
Michael B.
"As usual the soap and the splash are awesome. Slick and leaves your face smooth and refreshed!"
A great aftershave
"I have a newfound love for the B & M aftershaves! This one is a great one for my rotation. Clean, crisp, non evasive fragrance and really soothing. "
Kristopher M.
Behold the greatness
"This new formula is outstanding. Their is so much skin food Ithis to leave your face feeling so nice. The scent is great and it's long lasting."
William A.

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