Тоалетна вода Waves, 50 мл

49.99 Разпродажба Запазване

Имате настроение за нещо модерно и не сте сигурни дали другите ни аромати са подходящи за вас? Въведете Waves. Възроден от ранните години на водния аромат, Waves е свежа, стилна комбинация от морски нотки, лавандула, здравец и бергамот, която ухае страхотно на всеки и върви с абсолютно всичко.

50 мл. Произведено в САЩ.

Указания за употреба
Напръскайте го! Не препоръчваме да пръскате аромат върху дрехите, защото може да остави петна, така че обичайният ни метод е да напръскаме малко върху врата и китките ви. Получаваме около 4-6 часа на приложение.
Alcohol Denat., Аромат

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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping! Love the scent. Shaving soap is great!

Joseph K.
B&M Waves IS just like the old Wild Rain

I had always enjoyed the fresh, clean, and brisk scent of Wild Rain (used to be made by another popular shaving brand) and had been rather disappointed when it was discontinued. It had become rare and too expensive to find any remaining bottles of the original product. I came across a review of B&M Waves and they noted how exact the scent was compared to Wild Rain...so, I ordered some and sure enough, it compares exactly to the scent of my remaining original Wild Rain aftershave! Thank you, B&M for allowing me to continuing to smell as good as I used to! Can't wait to try out the other scents offered...I also tried out the B&M Cool, which is also just as good.

Kalen R.
Favorite scent!

I've been waiting for a restock of this Eau de Toilette for many years now. Waves is one of my favorite light, aquatic scents and does well in all of the available products, but really shines in the Eau de Toilette! Fantastic job and I'm so glad to have this back in rotation

simon s.
Nice Aquatic Scent

Nice aquatic scent,

Better than I could have imagined

I’ve always loved Waves and I always hoped to have the scent as a fragrance. When I saw B&M released an EdT, I immediately ordered it. It’s exactly what I wanted: the scent is just like the rest of the line, but now it lasts on my skin for ~6 hours. Easily my favorite fragrance, and perfect for any day >70 deg F. B&M absolutely killed it here.