Chanel Antaeus

Posted: Nov 16 2015

First up is Chanel Antaeus, a seemingly forgotten men’s leather released in 1981, one of Jacques Polge’s first works as its new in-house perfumer. It was a smash hit when it was released, but has largely faded into obscurity since the mid-90s, when it experienced what was supposedly a disastrous reformulation. As I haven’t had a chance to obtain a vial of the vintage stuff, here’s my take on the current formula.

Antaeus is a leather chypre in the same family as Bandit and Givenchy III. It’s musky, dusty, and animal, but curiously well-behaved at the same time. It’s pretty heavy on the castoreum on paper, but if you put it on skin the animal notes fade a bit and allow more of the oakmoss to come through, which gives it a character not dissimilar to a dusty old leather coat my father once owned. It later picks up this sharp, soapy note that’s pretty typical of chypres in general (for a model soapy chypre, check out Halston Z-14).

The castoreum eventually fades a little bit and smoothes out, melding into a rose-and-patchouli accord that on paper makes the fragrance smell a little bit like an old woman’s handbag, but which works relatively well once it's actually worn. It’s rather cleaner and quieter than I would have expected from its note profile. I found that it hugs the skin fairly closely for most of the time I wore it and I only managed to get 4 hours’ of longevity from it before it faded completely. A liquid powerhouse this is not.

Regardless, though Luca Turin says that Antaeus would smell dated on a man these days, I’m not entirely sure I agree. It’s one of those scents that could be worn quite easily by a guy with a lot of self-confidence and style. It’s definitely an evening scent, but is far better suited to a quiet, upscale bar than to a club or restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece by any means (and it’s certainly not on the same playing field as something like Bandit or Knize Ten), but it’s a good solid choice that’s worth trying if you’re in the market for an understated, confident leather scent. You can find it at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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  • Posted by Joshua Byrd on November 20, 2015

    As a fragrance novice, reading your thoughts on these classic scents is both educational and entertaining. I hope to be able to read more.

  • Posted by Patrick on November 19, 2015

    Yes Will, the modern formulation of Antaeus is pretty much a disaster. The opening is spot on, but it fades away in minutes to what is basically a weak skin scent. The original was a powerhouse with awesome sillage and longevity.

  • Posted by eric burgos on November 17, 2015

    there aren’t many fragrances i relish in more than my vintages antaeuses. stuff RULES.

  • Posted by Mark Carmody on November 16, 2015

    Hi Will,

    delighted to see you posting your thoughts on fragrances. I hope that this will be a regular occurrence!

    Kind regards,


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