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Le Grand Chypre Eau de Toilette


Le Grand Chypre Eau de Toilette
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Please note that Le Grand Chypre EdT is a small-batch item, so availability might be a bit uncertain. We'll make more as time and resources allow.

Chypres ("SHEEP-ruhs") are perhaps our favorite family of fragrances here at Barrister and Mann®. They have a long and storied history, going all the way back to megalomaniac and perfume tycoon François Coty, who created the family in 1917 (and promptly sparked a fragrance revolution).

Inspired by smells indigenous to the island nation of Cyprus, Le Grand Chypre ("Leh Grond SHEEP-ruh") combines notes of bergamot, lime, labdanum, oakmoss, and a touch of patchouli to produce an elegant, citrusy heart. We wrapped it in notes of peach, rose, frankincense, cedar, cinnamon, and other supporting smells to create an elegant, slightly fruity, freshly floral design perfectly suited to the refined shaver.

30 ml, Expected Wear Time: 8 hours

Spray it on! We don't recommend spraying fragrance on clothing because it can stain, so our usual method is to spray some on your neck and wrists. We get about 6-8 hours per application.
Alcohol Denat., Fragrance

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Matthew Tilstra

Great match with the soap and aftershave.

Good lasting performance. Same fragrance as the matching soap and aftershave, but this seems to bring out other scent notes with the dry down.

Adam V.
United States

King of scents

This is a great floral scent with citrus notes. It’s clean and I love it!

Christopher J

So perfect for summer!

Everything I have said about Le Grand Chypre apply here! Warm and incense-y on application with a dry down to a lovely fresh linen note that is so clean and refreshing! Projection and silage are both excellent and a little will go a long way! A spritz on the chest and one on each wrist and I'm good for 8 hours! This one is not to be missed!

Adrian S.

A unique winner

Love B&M scents. Unlike anything else. I love how this scent evolves over time. Spray directly on skin and enjoy subtle changes throughout the day. Worth a try.

Craig K.

Day Music

Unlike my prior experience with B&M's "Night Music" EDT, I come away from experiencing LGC convinced it is a versatile and multi-faceted composition. Night Music was (unsurprisingly) a "private moment" sort of scent, the kind of fragrance you would not wear to a golf outing or day at work. It was a powerful scent, obviously well crafted, but yet also (in my wearing) immensely linear. That is, the initial scent notes you got was what remained around for the rest of the frag's lifespan. Also unsurprisingly, the Night Music scent was an exact replica of the original shave soap scent. LGC is a different creature. The scent notes lend themselves to both "day" and "night" outings, and one can wear this to work or to grandma's birthday and not get odd looks from others. LGC is also a much better warm weather scent and one can wear this in the midst of July or in the deepest depths of winter with the same appropriateness. (Just use fewer squirts in summer!) LGC also evolves more over time, and you can sense a definite middle period where the heart notes become more prominent, and the base becomes more obvious after a few hours as well. This is the sort of complex evolution that chypre masters like Chant favored in their classic work, and it is a blast to see that same intricate texture being done by a modern artist and in an unconventional market. Finally of note, LGC also transcends its shave soap origin, and notes that were (to me) almost completely absent in the soap are more apparent here - e.g. frankincense, rose and patchouli. The EDT is also less "peachy" than the soap, so those wanting something less fruity and more floral will be pleasantly surprised. Longevity is excellent (8 hrs plus) and projection is nicely balanced - evident to others at roughly arm's length, no "room broom" and not a "body scent". Atomizer is excellent, reliable and powerful, and the label is well done and attractive, much more upscale that Night Music's austere text. My one complaint? The bottle is drab and dull, the standard "small niche perfumer" bottle that all the little guys use. The Reserve splash bottles are visually and geometrically much more interesting, and I hope B&M does more to distinguish future EDT releases in terms of the bottle used. As to price, well, most "artisanal" shave soap sourced stuff is cheaper per ml, but B&M is conceptually at a higher level. Will Carius is offering what basically would not be out of place as an offering from Dior - say "Mitsouko Pour Homme:" - and that level of sophistication in design and competence in execution seems quite fairly priced at $1.50/ml. If Dior or Chanel offered this scent at twice the price, fragrance fans would not bat an eye. If you like sophisticated, complex men's fragrances, you should definitely own a bottle of Le Grand Chypre - simple as that! Great job, B&M!!

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