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Fougère Imperiale Eau de Toilette (Limited Edition)


Fougère Imperiale Eau de Toilette (Limited Edition)
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Please note that our stock of Fougère Imperiale is limited, but stock is also available from Maggard Razors, West Coast Shaving, The Razor Co., Italian Barber (Canada), and Top of the Chain (Canada).

"If God had given ferns a scent, they would smell like Fougère Royale." -Paul Parquet, 1884

Fougère Royale, launched in 1884 by French perfume house Houbigant, heralded a revolution in perfumery. The first fragrance to incorporate a synthetic ingredient, it was also the first to strive above and beyond the mere recreation of natural scents and create something that had never been smelled before: the scent of ferns. The plants have no natural scent of their own, so Fougère Royale was built around the combination of oakmoss, lavender, and the smell of freshly cut grass, chiefly characteristic of the chemical coumarin. Originally refined from turpentine, coumarin is also found in clover, hay, and tonka beans (from which it is now mass-produced), which makes it possible to produce all-natural fougères.

To that end, we at Barrister and Mann took on the challenge to build just such a scent: an all-natural fougère made with oakmoss, tonka bean, and hay absolute, a smell akin to liquid sunshine. We combined these rich materials with the finest French lavender, then rounded out the base with fruity, earthy patchouli and musty, chocolate-y mushroom. From there, we continued to refined our work, eventually producing two distinctly different fragrances.

Fougère Imperiale is the more traditional of our creations. We built the scent on an accord of oakmoss, French lavender, tonka bean, and hay absolute, then added West Indian Sandalwood (actually a plant called Amyris) and Siberian Fir for a woody, mineral effect similar to that of the drier fougères that characterized the 1950s and 60s. The rest of the skeleton is constructed around geranium, clary sage absolute, violet leaf, and various other natural oils to produce a fresh, clean, elegant scent reminiscent of the smell of a father's shaving set. Bright, understated, and charmingly smooth, Fougère Imperiale is the ultimate progression of natural perfumery.

50 ml. Shipped in a beautiful screen-printed bottle with gnurled cap and custom box. Made in the USA.

Spray it on! We don't recommend spraying fragrance on clothing because it can stain, so our usual method is to spray some on your neck and wrists.
Alcohol Denat., Fragrance

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GREAT COMPLEX SCENT! Deep, deep, deep in an old forest with notes of moss, oak, mushroom, earth, grass. My wife loves this scent even more than I do. Not overpowering but great staying power. Good complement to the fern soap and aftershave.

Сергей Валериевич Юркульский

Отличный аромат .

Отличный аромат, довольно долго держится , рекомендую !

Craig K.
United States

A Scent That's More Than Soapworthy

The original Fougeres naturae series (Aromatique and Imperiale) were amazing scents for shaving soap - complex, unique, crafted with high quality materials. The new Fougers EDTs are even more impressive. The complexity of the drydowns are more apparent, the duration is hours long, and the mix of ingredients is more apparent to the untrained nose -- like mine! Even more impressively, Mssrs. Barrister & Mann have maintained the all natural ingredient list. That impressive quality makes both of these scents a bargain, as all natural perfumes of this complexity and strength are usually much costlier. Fougere Imperiale is the less "spicy" scent of the two, being a mildly sweet, very green smelling scent.. I've heard this compared to Penhaligons' "English Fern", but IMO, the B&M scent is darker and deeper due to the mushroom absolute in the mix. English Fern is five minutes in a meadow in May, while FI is a few hours in the heart of the woods in late March. Both basically cheerful, but FI is brooding and full of contrasts, while English Fern is shallow and fleeting. All in all, another triumph and one of the most unique scents in wet shaving / artisanal grooming.

Mark W.
United States

Unique Scent

Awesome service as always!

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