Q2 2024 Release Schedule

Q2 2024 Release Schedule

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Hi everyone! Here's our release schedule for the next few months. We might update this periodically as new things come to mind or we have a new idea, but this is a pretty solid plan. Check out what we have on the docket!

May 14th, 12 pm EDT

42 makes its triumphant return! We gave our famed tribute to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy a year off in 2023, but it's high time that the Vogon make his way back to some of your shave dens.

Not only that, but Paganini's Violin is returning as well! Effortlessly wearable and unbelievably cool, Paganini's Violin is as much a compliment to your own skin as it is a fragrance unto itself.

A few of these items will be more limited and thus will only be available on our site, but shaving soap and aftershave will be available at participating retailers.

  • 42 (Petunias, Ambergris, Tea, Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster [Lemon Sugar]): Shaving soap, aftershave splash, bar soap (available only at Barrister and Mann), Eau de Toilette (available only at Barrister and Mann), Towel (available only at Barrister and Mann)
  • Paganini's Violin (Clean Skin, Fruit, Tea): Shaving soap, aftershave splash, bar soap (available only at Barrister and Mann)
  • Samples available at Maggard Razors and The Razor Company May 7th

June 11th, 12 pm EDT

Over the years, our long-defunct Roam soap has seen several revivals, most recently in 2021 at the height of COVID-19. However, we've always felt that there was perhaps a different, more approachable way to encapsulate the image of a cowboy on the open range, smelling of leather and tobacco and wood smoke, so we've decided to revamp the entire concept from the ground up.

  • Roam 2.0 (Tobacco, Grass, Soil, Thyme, Sage, Leather, Coffee, Pink Pepper, Juniper, Cypriol, Ginger, Musk, Black Currant): Shaving soap, aftershave splash. The debut of our Vegan Omnibus soap base!
    • Samples available on our website June 4th
  • Unscented (No scent, no lanolin, no menthol, no problem): Shaving soap. A companion debut of our Vegan Omnibus soap base!
  • Pencil Pushers (Cedar, Just Cedar, and Only Cedar): Shaving soap, aftershave splash. A companion debut of our Vegan Omnibus soap base!
    • Samples available on our website June 4th
  • Screamin' J (Inspired by the old-school hoodoo colognes of the Bayou)(Lemon, Bergamot) Cinnamon, Herbs, Rose, Lavender, Bay, Camphor, Ylang Ylang [Kananga]): Available as a limited edition Eau de Cologne

August 13th

  • Halloween Pre-Order: Season of the Witch. Details coming soon!

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  • Loving the upcoming releases, pretty excited to try these. I do wish we were getting aftershave balms with the new scents. For me, it really completes the shave. There’s always unscented, but rounding out the collection with a scented balm is also fun!

    Nick en
  • I look forward t trying Roam.
    I come from an old Nebraska ranching family. Leather, hay, various earthy scents, and cattle. Those are the scents I grew up with.

    Ed Vieregg en
  • 2nd Roam. Fantastic news!

    Brian en
  • Give us the OG Roam. Please. You can’t tame a cowboy!

    Brandon en

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