Jabón de afeitar frío

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En cuanto a aromas limpios y versátiles, Cool es refrescante y fresco. Basado en un clásico de la barbería italiana, las notas de bergamota, limón y lavanda se combinan para crear un aroma vigorizante y vigorizante lo suficientemente versátil como para usarlo con tu colonia favorita.

    Peso neto. 4 onzas, fabricado en EE. UU.

    Instrucciones de uso

    Moja bien la brocha de afeitar y luego gírala alrededor del frasco durante unas 25 vueltas o hasta que se forme una espuma rica y cremosa. Continúe formando espuma agregando agua (mucha) y haciendo girar el cepillo en su cara o en un recipiente para hacer espuma. Aféitate, enjuágate y pasa el día sintiéndote genial.

    Nota: Este jabón es muy suave y puede resultar fácil sobrecargarlo. Si la espuma parece fina o parecida a un pegamento, continúe agregando agua hasta que se forme una espuma densa y cremosa.

    Aqua (agua), estearato de potasio, glicerina, sebo de potasio, perfume (aceite de fragancia), estearato de sodio, mantequilla de semillas de Garcinia indica (mantequilla de kokum de potasio), ácido poliacrilamidometilpropanosulfónico, jugo de fruta de Cocos nucifera (leche de coco), sebo de sodio, ricinoleato de potasio. , lactato de sodio, manteca de butyrospermum parkii (karité), disuccinato trisódico de etilendiamina, goma xantana, mantequilla de semillas de Theobroma grandiflorum (cupuaçu), manteca de cacao (kokum) de sodio, cocoato de potasio, hidroxietilcelulosa, ricinolato de sodio, isomerato de sacárido, caprae lac (leche de cabra) Polvo, aceite de Persea gratissima (aguacate), cacao de sodio, extracto de raíz de Althaea officinalis (malvavisco), extracto de Ulmus rubra (olmo resbaladizo)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Ben N.
    Eulogy for Cool

    While this scent isn't a B&M original it faithfully pays homage to one of the legendary scents of yesteryear. Since first trying Cool it has had an honored place in my shave den and when I learned that it was being discontinued I knew that I had to secure a reserve supply before it disappeared like other loved scents. I've been using B&M products for almost a decade now and I've yet to be disappointed by any of Will's soap bases and that, combined with his olfactory artistry, has made me a continued customer at Barrister and Mann.

    Now I just have to hope that Cool finds its way into the periodic release schedule in the coming years!

    Jason M.
    Excellent scent and performance

    B&M's Omnibus base performs like a champ. I picked up two more jars of Cool soap when they announced the scent was going to be discontinued.

    Lorenzo M.
    Permanent addition

    I have this (Cool) shave soap, along with Bay Rum and Cologne Russe. I think it’s due to the reserve line or soap base, but this one and the cologne russe create the smoothest creamiest lather, unbeatable. I whip the lather in under 3 mins, and have never gotten a nick while using them. This has a really strong scent, strongest of the 3 I have. It smells clean and masculine, it’s my girlfriends favorite scent. When using this I do not need to use any cologne for the day, and this remains subtly on my skin for 6-8 hours. I usually follow up with alum block and barrister and mann unscented aftershave balm.

    Fantastic product!

    I am really a fan of Floid blue aftershave so I thought I would give Cool a try. Fantastic! You feel like you should after a shave. When you use the soap, aftershave and balm you feel so fantastic! It has just enough coolness to take the edge off of the blade and the balm is like the icing on the cake. Great product! I think the sent is better than Floid blue too!

    Light, fresh barbershop scent

    Barrister and Mann Cool is a light, fresh barbershop scent, notes of bergamot, lemon, and lavender. The scent of this one is really nice, love it!