Jabón de afeitar de especias

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¿Quién dice que las viejas costumbres no son las mejores? Spice es una porción de estilo americano vintage. Con notas de clavel, nuez moscada, vainilla y haba tonka, Spice es ideal para cuando buscas un poco de historia. ¿Tu abuelo afable y apuesto? Usó jabones como este y olía increíble al hacerlo.

    Peso neto. 4 onzas, fabricado en EE. UU.

    Instrucciones de uso

    Moja bien la brocha de afeitar y luego gírala alrededor del frasco durante unas 25 vueltas o hasta que se forme una espuma rica y cremosa. Continúe formando espuma agregando agua (mucha) y haciendo girar el cepillo en su cara o en un recipiente para hacer espuma. Aféitate, enjuágate y pasa el día sintiéndote genial.

    Aqua (agua), estearato de potasio, glicerina, sebo de potasio, perfume (aceite de fragancia), estearato de sodio, mantequilla de semillas de Garcinia indica (mantequilla de kokum de potasio), ácido poliacrilamidometilpropanosulfónico, jugo de fruta de Cocos nucifera (leche de coco), sebo de sodio, ricinoleato de potasio. , lactato de sodio, manteca de butyrospermum parkii (karité), disuccinato trisódico de etilendiamina, goma xantana, mantequilla de semillas de Theobroma grandiflorum (cupuaçu), manteca de cacao (kokum) de sodio, cocoato de potasio, hidroxietilcelulosa, ricinolato de sodio, isomerato de sacárido, caprae lac (leche de cabra) Polvo, aceite de Persea gratissima (aguacate), cacao de sodio, extracto de raíz de Althaea officinalis (malvavisco), extracto de Ulmus rubra (olmo resbaladizo)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Raul B.
    Great soap

    My first soap from B&M. I love this scent. I can't wait to get the matching aftershave balm and splash. Plus, it's made in the USA. Can't beat that.

    Troy B.
    Best I've ever used

    This is by far, the best shaving soap I've ever used. The scent is great and its easy to get a good lather out of that doesn't starting fading away before you get done shaving. I don't have to wear my arm out trying to build lather in a bowl. I'm a B&M man from now on.

    Rob W.
    B&M Spice among my favorites

    B&M continue to do perfect work with their scents and formulations.
    Spice is spot on Shulton - you know the scent.
    Great cushion and glide.

    Marvin L.
    Scent is fantastic

    This is the closest shaving soap I have tried that is a match to Old Spice in fact better since it isn't an old puck. Lathering is easy and slick along with a lasting scent. I recommend it to anyone that likes Old Spice.


    This is my second BM soap. As a shaving soap, it is far and away the best I've had. I'm still not sure what to do with my remaining Taylor of Old Bond Street cream since I no longer want to return to it!

    As a scent, i think spice might be my favorite of BMs staples. It is really reminiscent of the classic old spice i knew as a kid, and is similar to the old Indian formulation of the brand. But it also has a uniquely spicy feel of its own. The newer OS formulations have become much sweeter whereas this has an almost earthy feel that is much more grounded. Cannot recommend enough.