Loción para después del afeitado Le Grand Chypre

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Los chipres ("OVEJAS") son quizás nuestra familia de fragancias favorita aquí en Barrister and Mann®. Tienen una larga historia, que se remonta al megalómano y magnate de los perfumes François Coty , quien creó la familia en 1917 (y rápidamente provocó una revolución en las fragancias).

Inspirado en los olores autóctonos de la nación insular de Chipre, Le Grand Chypre ("Leh Grond SHEEP-ruh") combina notas de bergamota, lima, ládano, musgo de roble y un toque de pachulí para producir un corazón elegante y cítrico. Lo envolvimos en notas de melocotón, rosa, incienso, cedro, canela y otros olores complementarios para crear un diseño floral fresco, elegante y ligeramente afrutado que se adapta perfectamente a la afeitadora refinada.

Peso neto. 3.5 onzas líquidas, fabricado en los EE. UU.

Instrucciones de uso

Agite el aftershave en las palmas de las manos (recomendamos una cantidad de aproximadamente una moneda de veinticinco centavos) y frótelas durante 3 segundos. Frote las palmas de las manos sobre la piel recién afeitada. Puede sentir un ligero escozor tras la aplicación inicial, pero su rostro está a punto de verse, sentirse y oler increíble. Sabemos que puedes manejarlo.


Alcohol SD 40-B (alcohol desnaturalizado), agua de hamamelis (Hamamelis Virginiana), agua (Aqua), glicerina, fragancia, taurina, fermento proteico de Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus, extracto de raíz de eleutero (Eleutherococcus Senticosus), alantoína, extracto de hoja de aloe (Aloe Barbadensis), Extracto de flor de manzanilla alemana (Matricaria Recutita), Extracto de raíz de regaliz orgánico (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Ácido acetilsalicílico, Lactato de sodio, Provitamina B5 (DL-Pantenol), Ácido cítrico, Ácido benzoico

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor W.
Hard to see where this fragrance is going

The Le Grand Chypre fragrance really missed the mark for me. I am not the kind of person to just write negative reviews for the fun of it but I had to try and scrub off this aftershave almost immediately after I applied it. I guess it came off as floral but not in any way I could put a positive spin on it. I've tried quite a few of the different regular and seasonal fragrances over the years but this is the first time I've given up on one after a single use. I honestly couldn't pick out any particular notes listed in the description of the fragrance and was just put off by what seemed to me to be an overly concentrated floral/herbal melange. The soap and aftershave gave a fantastic shave performance as they always do but the fragrance really sunk the experience for me and it stings being out 50 bucks trying a fragrance the new quiz actually recommended to me.

Don G.

Great soap, great scent, great experience. I was blown away by how fast the order processed and shipped, way faster than any other artisan experience as well as the online shave sites.
I’ll be ordering directly from BM going forward, as I’m almost out of my other favorite, the best Barbershop scent hands down… Seville.


Barrister and Mann LLC makes the best grooming products for men on this side of heaven. I am a believer!


Decent stuff. Would recommend.

New favorite Chypres scent

Le Grand Chypre is bright off of the tub with a citrus and floral blend that is lightly sweet and extremely pleasant to my nose. There are so many different notes that swirl together from whiffs off the tub, but when lathering begins, these begin to break down into an herbal melange. The remaining scent is a subtle blend of spice, resinous powder, and citrus. This end note is accentuated and extended by use of the aftershave, with plenty of longevity to last. What I find most interesting is that Le Grande Chypre is spicy, but in a “summery” way. Spice is usually accompanied by heavy, dark notes fitting for colder months, but in this case B&M have managed to combine bright citrus and subtle spice notes with an herbal patchouli in an entirely balanced way. It’s a truly fascinating take on the Chypre-genre, and it is my favorite Chypres scent. It is an all-season soap, but definitely a spring and summer favorite for me.