Especias Eau de Toilette, 50 ml

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¿Quién dice que las viejas costumbres no son las mejores? Spice es una porción de estilo americano vintage. Con notas de clavel, nuez moscada, vainilla y haba tonka, Spice es ideal para cuando buscas un poco de historia. ¿Tu abuelo afable y apuesto? Usó jabones como este y olía increíble al hacerlo.

50 ml. Fabricado en EE.UU.

Instrucciones de uso
¡Rocíalo! No recomendamos pulverizar fragancia sobre la ropa porque puede manchar, por lo que nuestro método habitual es pulverizar un poco en cuello y muñecas. Recibimos entre 4 y 6 horas por aplicación.
Alcohol Desnaturalizado, Fragancia

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Customer Reviews

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Michael B.
Excellent soap, aftershave and spray!

I love your products!

Ron S.
My own Failure

This rating is not reflective on Barrister and Mann, but is my own personal rating for yet being unable to find on the planet the fragrance of Shulton's Old Spice AFTERSHAVE that my grandpa and one of my college professors wore. Barrister and Mann came the closest, but still no cigar.

jared l.
B&M Spice

Fantastic quality as to be expected from B&M. A great option for a daily wear! This scent is warm and inviting with a good medium wear time. Not overbearing, but not light either, just plain pleasant.

The definitive Spice scent

The spice EdT is just flat out amazing. If you want an old spice scent, but maybe not something as powdery and sweet as the current Old Spice, this is for you. The Soap and Balms have a mildly soapy tinge to them on the nose. The EdT doesn't. Its fresh, spicy, and completely amazing.

I would say its more of a winter scent than a summer one though. And I've struggled to figure out if it lasts as long as it should because I could easily just be nosedeaf. But it is truly a better scent than the main brand Old Spice you'll find on the market today. Cannot recommend enough. I just wish there was an EdP or straight parfum variant of this so it could last the whole day.

Steven B.
Another winner!

I have the Spice after shave, shave soap, body soap, and beard oil…I might have an addiction to Spice scent :P

Of course I had to get the Eau de Toilette! Smells consistent with the rest of the line - LOVE IT!