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Barrister & Mann is the the result of my extremely sensitive skin. I first began traditional wet shaving because I couldn't use modern shaving methods without serious irritation. While using a double-edge safety razor and a brush did help, I had trouble with soap performance. I needed something that would perform reliably and that would work well for my skin. I spent 5 months testing different formulas in the kitchen of my tiny apartment in Boston, researching different ingredients and experimenting with different ratios until I had a soap that produced a lovely, slick, creamy lather that didn't dry my skin. I mentioned this to the wet shaving community on reddit.com and was persuaded to send a few samples for testing. It turned out what worked for me worked for a lot of other people as well, and Barrister and Mann was launched March 18, 2013 from Boston, MA. We later developed alcohol-free aftershaves and a beard oil, and most recently have begun selling alcohol-based aftershave splashes as well. The business has grown and is now a family operation; my parents have been kind enough to help me keep everything running as smoothly as possible, and we continue to expand both our staff and our product lines.

Since we launched, I have devoted considerable energy and research to constantly pushing the envelope of fragrance creation. One of my issues with the soapmaking world was that the scents were limited and, frankly, a little boring. We continue to create scents that we consider to be unusual, strange, and as original as possible. Your shaves should never be boring.

Finally, I have insisted since the beginning that as much of our product come from the United States as possible. Our packaging, boxes, labels, and many of our ingredients are all manufactured within the US. As part of the American economy, it has long been my feeling that we should utilize as much American material as possible.

All Barrister & Mann products are tested on people, not animals, and we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do. 

Happy shaving!

-Will Carius, Founder & President

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