I don't like the scent of the soap I bought from you or one of your vendors. Can I return/exchange it?

Not directly from us, no (though we cannot speak for our vendors). We make samples available for good reason and it's too logistically difficult for us to manage returns when the soap is not defective. However, there are plenty of great Buy/Sell/Trade forums out there that we're happy to recommend!

Do you ship to my country?

Yep, we ship worldwide! The only exception is our Tonique aftershaves, which we cannot ship to customers outside the 48 contiguous US states. However, if you'd like to order one of our Tonique aftershaves and you're on another continent, the fine folks at Italian Barber are kind enough to deal with the paperwork for us.

To determine what it costs to ship to you, just put your shopping cart together normally and go to checkout; our shipping calculator will offer you options based on the weight of the package.

I have/am opening a wet shaving store/website and want to stock your product. How do I go about it?

We're currently not accepting any new wholesale accounts, but that may change in the future. We'll keep you posted!

If I place an order now and want to order something else later, will you hold it for me?

No, sorry. We've discontinued the practice because it became very difficult to keep track of everything, which dramatically increases our risk of making a mistake. Relatedly, if you place two orders in succession, we can no longer merge them into one package. 

Do you sell soap samples? 

We don't sell them directly, but Maggard Razors (USA) and MenEssentials (Canada) do!

Can I buy your products from anyone else?

You sure can! Check out our list of retailers here.

Do you have any vendors in Europe?

Not at this time, no. We're working on it, though!

Do you make any soaps that use only essential oils?

Cheshire, Vetyver Santal, and Latha Lavanda are all essential-oil-only.

Do you make vegan soap?

No, sorry. We did for awhile, but people overwhelmingly preferred the tallow bases, so we're sticking with those.

I run a wet shaving review blog. Will you send me some soap to review?

If you're outside the US, no, sorry. The shipping costs pile up pretty quickly. If you're in the US, shoot us an email and we'll talk!

What's your best-selling soap?

That would be Seville. Classic barbershop. Try it. You'll probably like it.

Do you make custom soaps?

No, sorry.

Can I melt your soap and put it in a different container?

We DO NOT recommend melting our soap; you'll likely scorch the tallow and probably destroy the fragrance. Instead, because the soap is soft, try scraping it out of the jar with a spoon or spatula.

I love baseball and will be visiting Cooperstown soon. Do you have a shop there?

No, we're an online-only business for now, but if you'd like to grab a beer or something, let us know!

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