Barrister and Mann LLC

Release Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all releases open at 12 pm Eastern Time. 

November 24th, No Preorder

First Snow Glissant Soap: Leather, Fir, Touch of Menthol ($17.99/jar) (Seasonal)
First Snow Aftershave Tonique ($18.99/bottle) (Seasonal)

Eventide Glissant Soap: Raspberry, Lime, Rose, Oud (20.99/jar) (Holiday)
Eventide Aftershave Tonique: 20.99/bottle (Holiday)

Promises Glissant Soap: Bergamot, Orange, Whiskey, Heather Honey, Peat, Saffron, Nutmeg (19.99/jar) (Holiday)
Promises Aftershave Tonique: 19.99/bottle (Holiday)

Please Note: Dickens is taking a year off and will return in 2018.

December 1st, No Preorder

Barrister's Reserve Lavender Aftershave Splash (19.99/bottle)

Barrister's Reserve Fern Aftershave Splash (19.99/bottle)


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