Barrister and Mann LLC

Release Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all releases open at 12 pm Eastern Time. 

September 22nd, No Preorder

Leviathan Glissant Soap: Russian Leather, Cedar, Sandalwood, Coffee ($18.99/jar) (Seasonal)
Leviathan Aftershave Tonique (Alcohol) ($19.99/bottle) (Seasonal)
Leviathan EdT, 30 ml (31.99/bottle) (Seasonal)

Lime, Lavender, and Cedarwood (LLCW) Glissant Soap ($15.99/jar) (Seasonal)
LLCW Aftershave Tonique (Alcohol) ($16.99/bottle) (Seasonal)

Cheshire Glissant + Packaging Changeover ($18.99/jar) (Permanent)
Bay Rum Glissant + Packaging Changeover ($15.99/jar) (Permanent)

Barrister's Reserve Fern Shaving Soap (17.99/jar) (Permanent)
Barrister's Reserve Lavender Shaving Soap (17.99/jar) (Permanent)

Please Note: The Fern and Lavender aftershaves will be released in October or November due to production delays. We apologize for any inconvenience.

October 23rd, Preorder Opens August 15th

Fougère Gothique (Reserve Base): Lavender, Oakmoss, Tonka, Bergamot, Geranium, Balsam Fir Absolute, Vetiver, Cedar, Black Ashes, Smoldering Flame, Mushroom, Sandalwood, Leather, Tuberose, Musk ($26.99/jar) (Limited Edition)
Fougère Gothique Aftershave Tonique ($22.99/jar) (Limited Edition)
Fougère Gothique EdP, 50 ml (89.99/bottle) (Permanent)

Please Note: Hallows is taking a year off and will return in 2018

November 16th, No Preorder

First Snow Glissant Soap: Leather, Fir, Touch of Menthol ($17.99/jar) (Seasonal)
First Snow Aftershave Tonique ($18.99/bottle) (Seasonal)

Eventide Glissant Soap: Raspberry, Lime, Rose, Oud (20.99/jar) (Holiday)
Eventide Aftershave Tonique: 20.99/bottle (Holiday)

Promises Glissant Soap: Bergamot, Orange, Whiskey, Heather Honey, Peat, Saffron, Nutmeg (19.99/jar) (Holiday)
Promises Aftershave Tonique: 19.99/bottle (Holiday)

Just Right for a Tuesday EdP, 50 ml: Lavender, Violet, Licorice, Neroli, Hay, Oakmoss, Almond, Vetiver, Patchouli (Price TBA) (Permanent)

Please Note: Dickens is taking a year off and will return in 2018


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