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Hallows Brandy Snifter, 12 oz

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Please Note: Quantities of Hallows snifters are extremely limited. We do not expect to restock.

Our hugely popular 2018 whiskey tumbler proclaimed "A toast to the dead is a toast well made." While we still think that that's true, this year we've decided to go with something a little more literary, so we've chosen quote from playwright Arthur Miller that reads, "Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets."

Miller was the kind of guy who knew his drink, so we've opted to scale up a bit for this year. Instead of a whiskey glass, this lovely 12 oz brandy snifter will help you get all of the little aromatic nuances from your chosen beverage. Each glass is laser-engraved with the Miller quote and the Barrister and Mann logo, and is the perfect vessel for a dram or two to reflect on the day.

Each glass holds 12 fl oz of liquid. Imported, laser-engraved here in the USA.