Q3 2023 Release Schedule

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We've been radio-silent for a bit due to heavy time demands, but it's time to return to action! Here's our latest release schedule, with all the fun goodies due for return in the next three months. Anything after that will be discussed at a later date, but we're pretty excited and hope you are too!

A Note on Perfumery: Lavender, Interrupted, Just Right for a Tuesday, and Romance in Middlesex County will all be making returns in the next couple of months. All three fragrances are currently aging and will be ready some time in late August or September, but please note that, subject to the extreme temperatures in the southern United States, availability may be limited for awhile yet. Thank you in advance for your patience.

July 18th

  • Oceana (Jasmine, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Salt Water): Available in shaving soap, aftershave splash, splash cologne/eau de cologne, and bath soap
  • Seville Splash Cologne/Eau de Cologne
  • Shaving Bowls available!

Oceana Shaving Soap

August 8th

  • Hallows (Vetiver, Cedar, Oakmoss, Labdanum, Cocoa Absolute, Black Pepper): Available in shaving soap, aftershave splash, aftershave balm, eau de toilette, t-shirt, water bottle, sticker. Please note that this will be a pre-order only; Hallows orders will begin shipping September 5th, with a full release on September 19th.

Plastic Shaving Bowls

September 19th

  • Leviathan (Russian Leather, Coffee, Sandalwood, Cedar): Shaving soap, aftershave splash, aftershave balm, eau de toilette, bath soap
  • Hallows General Release (Samples Available September 5th)
  • EdTs: Cheshire, Cologne Russe, Lavanille, Fougère Classique, Mûir(e) Wood (at long last!)

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  • Are you going to do the refills with these as well. I thought that was a great addition in the past year.

    Chad on
  • Any plans for something, uhhhhh sandy to celebrate part 2 of a certain incredible film arriving? I would kill for an EDT!

    Josh on

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