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Talk to Us

Talk to Us

What are the differences between your different soap bases?

Our Classic soaps feature some of our most popular fragrances and absolutely stellar shaving performance. Easy to lather, slick, and very moisturizing, they're perfect for folks with ingrown hair problems or dry skin, or for those who are looking for interesting and unusual fragrances while they shave. Classic remains our most popular line and also covers our seasonal fragrances as well.

Excelsior, our newest and most popular soap base, is currently used for our seasonal releases as well as Seville, Lavanille, Cheshire, and Le Grand Chypre. It produces a lather that is richer, slicker, and more moisturizing than that of older formulas, is even more resistant to hard water, and incorporates unusual additives like xanthan gum to create a "gel layer" between the soap and your skin.

Barrister's Reserve® soaps are lanolin-free and well-suited to those with lanolin sensitivities. Like Excelsior soaps, Barrister's Reserve® are extremely slick, protective, moisturizing, and hard water stable. However, they are offered only in the Barrister's Reserve® scents (Classic, Cool, Spice, Lavender, Fern, and Waves) and are restricted specifically to that line. Barrister's® Reserve soaps are stable in nearly all water conditions and are an excellent choice if you have hard water, and, through their unique chemistry, offer a soft, moisturized post-shave feel even without the presence of lanolin.

Do you offer a military/student/first responder discount?

We sure do! You just need to verify your ID via our Exclusive Discounts page. If you're a veteran and no longer have an active military ID, send us an email!

Please note that loyalty discounts and military/first responder/student discounts can no longer be applied to items sold in a bundle. This is, unfortunately, beyond our control.

What are the details and restrictions on your discount codes?

From time to time we make various discount codes available and, in general, those codes will not apply to products that are already discounted (like items that are discounted automatically as part of a bundle) and sample products. As well, please note that the free shipping threshold is calculated based on the total value of your cart after the discount is applied, so the use of a discount code may cause your order to no longer qualify for free shipping once you apply it.

Please note that loyalty discounts and military/first responder/student discounts can no longer be applied to items sold in a bundle. This is, unfortunately, beyond our control.

My package has not arrived and the tracking hasn't moved. What should I do?

Give it two days after you first notice that it's missing. Sometimes, the USPS delays packages for strange reasons and there isn't really anything we can do to prevent that. If it doesn't show up within that time, try contacting the USPS's Customer Service Department.

I've heard that Lavanille can turn some shaving brushes brown. Is that true?

It is. The vanillin that we use in the fragrance reacts with oxygen and discolors the soap, which can pass the coloration on to animal hair. While the color will come out with a few uses of other, non-pigmented soaps, and can be removed with vinegar/water bath (3 parts warm water to 1 part vinegar), we recommend using either an inexpensive brush or a synthetic brush (which is the better option) with Lavanille to prevent discoloration.

That said, please note that any discoloration is purely cosmetic and will not affect the function of your brush in any way.

What is the status of my order?

We have an app for that! Check out our handy Order Tracker.

I don't like the scent of the soap I bought from you or one of your vendors. Can I return/exchange it?

Not directly from us, no (though we cannot speak for our vendors). We make samples available for good reason and it's too logistically difficult for us to manage returns when the soap is not defective. However, there are plenty of great Buy/Sell/Trade forums out there that we're happy to recommend!

Do you ship to my country?

We only ship within the United States. If you're outside the USA and would like to purchase some of our products, head over to our Retailers Page! Maggard Razors has especially reasonable international shipping. If you'd like to purchase one of our alcohol-based aftershaves, Italian Barber is the way to go.

I have/am opening a wet shaving store/website and want to stock your product. How do I go about it?

Just send us an email and introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about your company, etc. We'll get back to your shortly.

If I place an order now and want to order something else later, will you hold it for me?

No, sorry. We've discontinued the practice because it became very difficult to keep track of everything, which dramatically increases our risk of making a mistake. Relatedly, if you place two orders in succession, we can no longer merge them into one package.

Do you sell soap samples?

Not directly, but Maggard Razors offers samples of most of our products.

Can I buy your products from anyone else?

You sure can! Check out our list of retailers here.

Do you have any vendors in Europe?

We do! You can find our products at Slickboys UK

Do you make any soaps that use only essential oils?

Our Cheshire soap is made using only essential oils.

Do you make vegan soap?

We did for awhile, but people overwhelmingly preferred the tallow bases, so we're sticking with those.

I run a review blog. Will you send me some soap to review?

If you're outside the US, no, sorry. The shipping costs pile up pretty quickly. If you're in the US, send us an email and we'll talk!

What's your best-selling soap?

That would be Seville. Classic barbershop. Try it. You'll probably like it.

Do you make custom soaps?

No, sorry.

Can I melt your soap and put it in a different container?

We DO NOT recommend melting our soap; you'll likely scorch the tallow and probably destroy the fragrance. Instead, because the soap is soft, try scraping it out of the jar with a spoon or spatula.

I love baseball and will be visiting Cooperstown soon. Do you have a shop there?

No, we're an online-only business for now, but if you'd like to grab a beer or something, let us know!