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Barrister's ReserveĀ®

Our best, most soothing aftershaves and slickest, most protective soaps. Barrister's ReserveĀ® will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and irritation-free. To top it off, we reverse-engineered discontinued aftershave fragrances to bring some of the best classics out of retirement.

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The Classics

Our original shaving soaps and aftershaves, with some of the slickest lathers, most nourishing ingredients, and best scents around. Perfect for someone looking for a great shave with something a little extra.

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Seasonals and Limited Editions

We offer some more unusual scents based upon the different seasons, and we occasionally make scents for holidays and special occasions as well. Come have a look at some of our rotating offerings!

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Designed as an everyday inexpensive workhorse, Latha offers excellent performance and approachable, high-quality scents at a budget-conscious price.

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